Autumn Shmatumn

Fall my ass, we are now experiencing the summer heat wave I was longing for in July in late September. It was 113° in downtown LA today *RECORD BREAKING*. It was stupid hot so I hung out in Liv’s nursery most of the day because that is now the coolest room in the house. We are giving our A/C a run for it’s money by leaving it on all day and night *even when we aren’t home* since Antz loves walking into a cool house. We just came back from Baskin Robbins/a lovely drive and it was 97° at 9:30 PM!! This totally reminds me of the episode of the Twilight Zone when the Earth was moving closer to the sun.

Speaking of Earth, check out what I picked up from Tarjay this weekend!!

Jon Stewart is my hero, he is super clever and he calls people out on their bullshit *Loves*. I haven’t finished reading it but I got through most of it in the car drive to Antz Mom’s house this Sunday. Today was her 65th birthday. Tomorrow Leslie is babysitting Liv while we play volleyball. I went to Giggle to buy a new part for my breast pump *since I need to give Leslie a bottle* but they didn’t have any spare parts *boo*. I have to contact Medela and order through them. I suppose it’s the extreme heat but lately I’ve been super tired. I ordered more pre-natal vitamins so hopefully that will put some much needed pep in my step.
I was just checking out Amazon and there are so many cute things I want to get…



This next is the piece de resistence…so amazingly rad!!!
It’s only $2400, totally worth it!

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