Yesterday I took my Jetta in for 30k service *even though I only have 25k miles* so the service rep told me I won’t need to service my car again until this time next year. Well, my lease is up in August, so it got me thinking about my next car. I really would like to get an environmentally friendly hybrid car *#16* but so far all Volkswagen has is the Jetta Sportswagon TDI Diesel.

Umm, so not cute at all! It looks like a boy-car to me. Also, I know it’s too long for our garage *my Jetta barely fits* I want to stay with VW *this is my 4th Volkswagen* but I need to have a cute car that is comfy for Liv and good on gas mileage. Soooo, I think I have found my next car, ahem truck?

Ladies and gentlemen….presenting….

my next car….2011 Tiguan but mine has to be in white.

I’m usually not a SUV girl, besides we already have Antz Element but I need the space!

I love this Japanese version

Of course I have to pimp it out with HK accessories and it must have heated seats and an ipod connection *stupid Jetta doesn’t have one so I have to listen to CDs old-school style*
I have my eye on these shades
Well, I have until August to change my mind about 50 times. I’m fickle!

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