What’s in the bag?

As I am constantly stealing *uh, borrowing sounds nicer* from Mighty Mags most enchanting posts. Well, she mentioned her adoration of Jason Travis flickr set Persona.

*I have a huge girl crush on this chick, soooo super cute and I want her strawberry ponytail holders*

Awww shit, Jason has a special place in my cold heart because I am one nosey bitch. It’s amazing how many folks carry knives. One dude was packing an actual gun *boo* I love taking a peek into complete strangers lives, I am completely voyeuristic in this sense. I also love the meticulous, diorama-esque style he arranges the goods. Soooo, I attempted my own whats in the bag shoot

Elizabeth, 33, Los Angeles
Sorry lovelies, I suck at Photoshop, this was the best I could do!
Okay, here’s my junk, I typically have three or more magazines *Readymade, US Weekly and Star* in my bag but since I have been sharing the diaper bag with Liv, I’ve condensed it down a lot. I just bought Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People by Amy Sedaris. I love her and her brother David *I’m totally reading all his books* I have my mini makeup bag *you don’t wanna see my biggie, it’s Hoarders style* so the mini has the bare minimum for my clown face, my cover up has SPF in it so I don’t have to carry a separate sunscreen. I only wear lipstick for special occasions so my daily is a clear gloss Triple X by Nars. I wear my MAC kohl eyeliner like underwear *I feel naked without it* and I have two signature shadows, MAC Hello Kitty Collection in Lucky Tom cause I love the compact and my favorite colors for my eyes NARS duo Rated R. I finally upgraded to an adult wallet, a fancy leather one from Anthropologie. I’ve had it for 3 years now. I don’t carry all three glasses *I’m usually wearing a pair* but these are my faves all from Urban Outfitters. If I was stranded on a deserted island I would have to have my Rose lip salve *chapped lips give me the sads* obviously my iphone, do you love how my case is cracked? I drop my phone everyday. My Hello Kitty bizness card holder and a bottle of Aquafina water. I really will not drink any other water.  I also love Bliss for Target’s Great Shakes hand cream, I’ve stocked up on like 6 bottles. I have a bad-breath phobia so I am constantly eating mints. My Mom turned me on to soft peppermints by King Leon *Aimee can attest, they are sooo addictive* I also don’t like feeling food in my teeth so the wisps are nice since its pretty gross to floss in public *although I’ll floss in my car all day long* I am pretty much the hair bow queen *I’m passing my hair bow legacy to Olivia now* so I love this guy. I bought from the first Day of the Dead celebration we went to 2 years ago. I still carry my biz cards with me because you never know who you’ll bump into. My car keys *because walking is for chumps* and my bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hiller Hobo is a gift from Antzy when I graduated from Beauty school.  Not pictured is my Canon Powershot and my Flip but I ran out of room. I carry them wherever I go in separate pouches but I don’t always take the Nikon because it’s so heavy and bulky. It seems whenever I don’t bring the Nikon, I wish I had and vice versa, such is my life.

So that’s me in a nutshell….cuuuurrrazzzy! What’s in your bag? Come on, let’s peek in that bag of yours!!

Antz is currently at his company *employees-only, because they suck* Holiday party. He just texted me that Lil Jon is the DJ. Lil Kim & Common are there too, he’s having a rad time.

I, on the other hand, have had the time of my life shelling peas for Liv’s dinner. It’s ridiculous how this many peas yield so little inside.
But Liv loves them nonetheless

Good Night!

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  1. Wow, you guys have really organized purses! I'm ashamed to show you what I have in mine! It's like a bunch of receipts and empty mint boxes and crap!

    By the way….Happy 6th Month to Liv!!!

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