The Notcracker?

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I’m fighting, cough, sneeze, *hoping Liv doesn’t catch it* a nasty cold and I felt gross yesterday. Feeling a bit better today.

SOOO, I’m torn…I am about to buy tickets for our Christmas outing whilst Antz is on vacation and I was pretty sold on seeing The Nutcracker at the Pasadena Playhouse *although a tiny venue* the price was totally right $45 for both of us on Goldstar for a December 31st matinee. Antz is a bit concerned with bringing Olivia to a ballet because he’s worried she’ll be noisy. I’m not worried about her crying *she seldom does in public *yay* however, she loves to squeal and shriek loudly so I wouldn’t want her to interrupt the dancers. Well…we were out driving in Burbank this Sunday and we saw a giant circus tent, so we assumed it was a Cirque du Soleil show but it’s called Cavalia, it’s pretty identical to Cirque du Soleil *they are from Montreal too* but this a horse/circus show. Now I generally don’t patronize shows that feature animals *I don’t like the way the animals are treated* however reading up on this show, the treatment seems to be more than humane. Now I am obsessed with seeing this show BUT the seating/package I want to buy is $337 and the show doesn’t start until January 27th. BOO! The package I want is seating in the first 5 rows and access to the horse stables after the show and this show is much more child-friendly. Antz is like, are you mad? *of course I am* but even if we did buy the tickets for Cavalia, we still want to do something over his Christmas break. We are going to my Mom’s Sunday till Tuesday. Wednesday we are meeting *our new awesome friend* Aura *from Disneyland* at the Long Beach Aquarium and no plans for New Years Eve so far *not too keen on taking Liv to any of our friend’s parties* I am once again, conflicted…follow my instinct and buy tix for the show I really want to see *horses!* but break the bank and have to wait until January? Be practical and see The Nutcracker on New Years Eve *and get my ballet fix* yet risk that Liv may be chatterbox? I’m sure we’ll go with the latter just because I’ve been wanting to see a ballet since I saw Black Swan, it’s next Friday, it’s under $50 and the Nutcracker is my favorite classical music *we played it during our wedding ceremony*. I just realized I totes forgot to post Liv’s 28th photo last Wednesday *Bad Mummy!!*

I am super excited for the New Year, already we are starting the year off with a huge bang!! We got tickets to see Conan live on January 13th. YAY!! Liv and I are starting a dance class called Rock Toddler and next trip to Disneyland with Sarah taking our photos is February 10th. So in perspective, if I don’t go to the Cavalia show, I won’t cry into my pillow.

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