It’s the most wonderful time…

Wow, Christmas certainly came early. Antz brought home a sack full of presents so we couldn’t help but rip them open immediately. Liv was awesome at tearing *and eating* the wrapping paper, it was hilarious, she loved the paper more than the actual presents. Our friends are so super rad, Story & Chris gave Liv an adorable onesie *I need to take pics* Dave went overboard and bought us all gifts; Liv got the sweetest Raggedy Anne doll

He also got her a cute bear nightlight which is perfect for her nursery *it’s bright enough to give her a nightly feeding but ambient so she can sleep* and some cute army men for Antz. We got some yummy chocolate  from Warren & Kim and Antz got Scott Pilgrim vs the World *just what he/I wanted* from his Secret Santa. Turns out my cookies were a mega hit! So Antz was all ready to head out to meet friends to see Tron when he hit a few snags, first the theater they planned to see it at didn’t have any 3-D showings until 10:30 and he didn’t want to go out that late, so they tried to find a 3-D showing at another theater that was earlier and it turned out to be practically sold out *only seats available in the first 3 rows* so he didn’t go out. I was a wee bit happy since he was able to put together the highchair just in time for me to give Liv her dinner.

Soooo much better than holding her in my lap while I juggle the bowl and try to keep her fingers out of her mouth. The boon bowl has suction on the bottom that won’t budge while I feed her *so awesome*

I love this highchair, it’s sleek and modern, sturdy and inescapable! It has hidden wheels so we can move it around easily. It’s definitely worth the price, I’ll move it to the kitchen once we get our new dining table in  March *fingers crossed for a fat tax refund!!* These are my next home projects for the Spring.
There are a couple of items I still need to buy for Liv. I mentioned to Dr. Wang that we want to get Liv a walker but she suggested an activity walker because the kind I was thinking of buying have been known to flip over *I didn’t love the one I had in my shopping cart but I was trying to stay under $50*
I found this rad walker on Amazon for only $47.99 *free shipping/no tax* so it’s a much better purchase!

I also need to get her convertible car seat sometime in January. Liv is outgrowing her infant car seat months ahead of time but that’s what happens when you have a tall bebe. Maybe in another month, this Clek Booster seat will have gone down in price. It’s regularly priced at $299 but it’s $273.31 on Amazon so maybe I will get it for about $250.

So Saturday was gloomy, cold and rainy and to make things worse I am fighting a cold *and losing the battle*. I’ve got a sore throat, sneezy, coughing, aching feeling majorly gross but I was still excited because like I said before it was a Big Day. I don’t know how I was able to keep my big mouth shut but we were going to a surprise party for my awesome friend’s Kim & Warren. I am not sure how to describe it so here’s what we were doing…The Accomplice here’s some videos. It’s similar to Michael Douglas movie The Game and I was super stoked to play *I adore all things pop culture and everyone knows I’m the Queen of Tabloids*. We had a group of 10 of us and Antz and I went through a nightmare of finding a babysitter *Weird because EVERYONE has been joking with us that we never call to ask them to babysit, yet when we did call, noone seemed to be available* We finally got Leslie to babysit and an hour before we were going to take Liv to Leslie’s house wouldn’t you know we got a call from Warren saying the game was cancelled due to the stupid rain. Mind you, we live in LA, it was raining consistently but nothing torrential or freezing. BOO! Since Liv was all dressed up we still went to visit Leslie & Stephen. Liv was super Miss Chatterbox and trying to crawl on Les’s rug *not quite but she was moving around*. Liv opened her Christmas gift from them and check it out….!!

My reaction is classic, I am such a dork!!


I am so glad I didn’t buy these a month ago, she still needs her narrow little feet to grow but I’m sure she’ll be rocking these in a month! After visiting her Godparents, we decided despite the rain we would go for a drive. With no destination in mind, we ended up in the Valley and I found the Woodland Hills Christmas Cane Lane so we showed Liv all the lights/decorated houses. It was very impressive *massive homes with thousands of lights but I saw a special about this neighborhood on HGTV and I was disappointed that every house on the block didn’t have lights. Liv really liked it, she was squealing and her eyes were huge. We got home and I still felt like crap so I vegged out on the couch and Antz worked in his office. I am trying to come up with some loose plans for the week of Christmas *Antz is off until New Years* so I would love to take Liv to the Long Beach Aquarium, maybe go out to my Mom’s for a weekend *hoping for snow*, take a road trip up north *Big Sur or Monterrey* and meet our new friend from Disneyland, Aura *if she hasn’t gone into labor yet* I’m so looking forward to the new year. I am working on my list of resolutions and planning every detail of Olivia’s first birthday.

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