I’m a house stalker part 2

So, I tried to rid my stalker ways but I’ve been leaving voice mails like cuu-rrazy with the listing agent of my new *God, I’m so fickle!!* Dream House. Homeboy must not want anything to do with me because he is not returning my calls *BOO* So I had to turn stalker-psycho, today I took Antz to see the house. It’s obvious someone must know I was on the property because there was a string tied around the gate to keep me out. Psssh, no measly string will stop me from peeking. I tried to take more pics of the interior of the house with no luck *the screens make it difficult*. I think I have a better grasp of the layout now, *using my peeking Tom skills* it appears to have 2 bedrooms downstairs, a pink tile bathroom, a den or 3rd bedroom is next to what I assumed was the formal dining room. Upstairs there is a master bedroom with an adjoining sitting room *I would use as a dressing room complete with a vanity* that attaches to another balcony. Almost every room has dark *gorgeous* hardwood floors with exception to the kitchen and the sitting room *gross carpet* and there are arched doorways everywhere. My 2 biggest issues are the lack of crown molding/baseboards *but I suppose most Spanish style don’t have molding* and the obvious water damage/roof problem. I love clay tile roofs but I know they are particularly expensive to repair. I am now starting to see why the price is so low. LAME!! Oh well, I’m still having a serious crush…

Last time I didn’t get any pics of the chimney. Our foundation is shifting due to excess water, being on a hill and the weight of our brick chimney pulling the house to the right
*this pic is before we bought the house in 2006*
I had to be sure the chimney looked structurally sound. I would still hire a geologist to inspect it.
Lovely view of the yard

Hello, my two lovelies


Here’s the sitting room and what I am hoping is the master bedroom. So there are 2 balconies!!


One of the rooms, the hardwood floors look wonderful.

This icky carpet has got to go! You can see the balcony and the tarp that I suspect is keeping water out of the downstairs breakfast nook.


The clay tiles need replacing. I am happy the house has plenty of security lighting


This is perfect, I cannot stand rough stucco but this cake-like stucco is smooth and doesn’t bother me at all

I love the deck, which I would paint black

This is the opposite side of the kitchen *no stove or fridge*


I noticed this side gate and…
peeked in these windows. None of the pics of the bathroom came out, the screens kept reflecting my camera

Like this, you can see my reflection but in this one you can see the living room and breakfast nook and lovely arches!


These are the living room stairs. Every house I’ve lived in has had stairs *our last apartment was 3 stories with a loft* so I’m used to it by now *and I need all the exercise I can get*


That HVAC system looks as old as ours, it will need replacing


Great shot of the back of the house/deck
The pool and storage shed


Not loving the dolphin tile, I would much prefer this tile
Sorry, my only picture is from a show I saw on HGTV, but it looks sweet in person
I definitely want a beach entry, ugh the pool needs a cleaning!


There are some wicked rad beach entry pools, this last one is my fave!!

There is too much brick happening, no me gusta bricks
Last time I was there I couldn’t find the pool equipment *pump/heater* so this time I found it behind the storage shed. It’s not too loud and it’s great that it’s not close to the house. I am worried about that puddle. It is either from the rain we had last week *but wouldn’t it be dry by now?* or most likely a leak from the pool plumbing *No more problems!!*

Another close up of that damn tarp!
So Antz general impression was rad, he loves the space, the style, pool, location and price *most of all* but he didn’t like the lack of privacy from the neighbors on each side, the amount of renovations we would need or the lack of views, although these views from the stairs looked pretty awesome to me.
I have to agree with him about the privacy issue, the house next door is much higher and can see into the backyard. We are totally spoiled in our current backyard, we can see everyone’s yards but they can’t see into ours *well without using a ladder* and the view isn’t so bad!!
Last spring
Well, tomorrow my neighbors are having an open house, it’s funny that they are using a realtor we know. We are going to ask the agent over to check out our house and give us some advice, then if it’s not dark out, maybe she can get the keys to *officially, non-stalker style* show us the house in Eagle Rock. Tomorrow will be busy bees, DirecTV guy is coming in the morning to fix our bedroom DVR *it’s been pretty wonky since the new satellite was installed* we are supposed to meet friends at the Hollywood farmers market and Antz wants to go visit his Aunt & Uncle.
On my resolution update, I have been battling with my Wii Fit, gain .09 lbs lose .09 lbs, all week but I may have won the war. This morning I did my regular fitness routine *I am undefeated in Super Hula Hoops and Step* but I didn’t expect any major loss. I measured myself and would you know it, I have lost 4 lbs since January 3rd??!! I lost 2.6 lbs this morning alone. I am so loving Wii Fit, too bad I didn’t keep up with it when we bought it 2 years ago. I suppose getting preggers was a good enough excuse. I am right on track to losing 22 lbs in 2 months. I don’t even miss chocolate yet! So to celebrate this major feat, Antz *who has lost 2 lbs* treated ourselves to one of our favorite Indonesian restaurants this afternoon. Our favorite dish is Ayam Bakar which must translate to yummy fucking chicken, because that is precisely what it is!


She’s too big to stay in the BabyHawk

This kid thinks shes an adult!!
The owner of the restaurant *who must be 100 years old* is in love with Olivia, she took her and was kissing her and showed her to everyone who worked there. They played peek-a-boo while Antz and I pigged out. I completely forgot to take a pic of Liv and the owner *she is so cute!*
Since we were on that side of town, we made an impromptu visit to Aimee while she was at work. She really wanted us to stay at her house until she got off but we needed to get Liv to bed. Whilst driving home we noticed a ton of people outside of a new shop in Eagle Rock. We were so intruiged, we parked and checked it out.
So this is usually what it’s like in Atwater Village but this place just opened in Eagle Rock


I was loving the DJ, I friended him on facebook and told him he was working at Livs 3rd birthday party.


I heart everything, there was DIY jewelry making, toy, adorable things that tested my credit card resolution  *I somehow resisted*

I want this painting, I wanted everything this that joint!!!



I must have this teapot one day after we get the new house


How cute are they? I so wish I wore my bunny ears 🙁


There was a long line of folks getting ice cream treats in front of the store


These flavors sound super yum!!

I don’t know if I’ve made this known but I am addicted *like scary crackhead-ish, addicted* to french fries. However, I am sticking to my diet and I passed up the food trucks *bows to applause*

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