My name is Elizabeth, and I am a house stalker!!

I found out the hard way that the Barnsdall Art Park farmers market is closed this week. BOO! Maybe tomorrow we can find one whilst I’m out with Aimee *I score 2 points everytime I use the W word!!* So I just went to the grocery store and picked up some basics and tons of water. On the drive home I just so happened to be in Eagle Rock near the foreclosure house I mentioned a few days ago, sooo…I decided to drive by just to take a peek. I was annoyed that there weren’t any photos of the house on the listing website so that lead me to believe the house was in pretty poor condition. I have seen foreclosures on HGTV that have been trashed by vindictive owners and they strip the house down to the studs. I expected to see the same but aside from some neglected landscaping, and a tarp over the balcony roof, it looks pretty fucking sweet. I mean, dare I say it? from what I saw this house may actually be nicer than my Atwater Village house! The location doesn’t compare, as lovely as Eagle Rock is *as well as being 10 minutes from Antz job* it’s a bit boring, too suburban for me. The street is mega wide.

This street is like a mile wide and smooth even sidewalks, something you never see in Highland Park

This is our street, the truck would not have been able to fit if it weren’t Friday and everyone was at work. You basically play chicken with oncoming traffic if you head up the hill.

I took pictures Paparazzo style because I was sure the neighbors would come out and chase me away.

The tarp is a huge red flag, if there is roof damage, that could be a deal breaker *like I’m in a position to make deals, hah!*

I should wear a badge that says “Hello, I’m Liz and I’ll be stalking your house today!” 🙂

The landscape needs ton of work *I am not a fan of palm trees*

The lawn needs new sod, the driveway needs repaving and I want a security fence and gate.

I didn’t expect the gate to be unlocked
Ooops, I just had to take a peek

I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw in the backyard

It is so rare to find a backyard with a pool and grassy space *although it needs landscaping*
Perfect space for BBQ grill and dining set

This deck is huge but I would most likely paint it another color *something brighter*

Bricky = icky!

The diving board has got to go!

This pool needs a makeover!
I am thinking something similar to this *do you love how nuts I am for using a pool from Mtv Cribs?*
I love this fireplace/waterfall

I love a beach entry freeform pool

This guy needs total demo

I love how they have a pool cover and don’t use it…FAIL!

Here’s a sneak peek at the kitchen, not loving the cabinets or tile countertops but they are definitely tolerable. I like the floors and the space. I am spazzing over that shiny silver object, could it be? a dishwasher!!! Sweet!

So of course, I am completely obsessed *borderline crazy* with this house. Not only does it fit all my must-haves but the price is ridic!! BANANAS!! It almost scares me, my theory is someone must already have an offer on the house and the bank is taking forever to close. Antz theory is someone was either murdered inside or there are poltergeist in the house. Neither would stop me from wanting this house. Next step is to have our agent assess our house *my guess is $50 bucks* and give us a reality check on selling in this market. I also want her advice for what projects/how should we spend our money on remodeling. Tomorrow I’m going to call the listing agent for this house and see if there are any offers and if not, if he could give us a showing this weekend. How is this house still available for this price? What’s the catch? I would sell everything I owned *except my wedding ring* to get into this house. Now I’m living in Fantasyland!!

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  1. You are too cute! As you know from my email to you earlier today, we seriously are a lot alike. And now I'm happy to see that you also house stalk! If I'm interested in a house and the house appears vacant, game on! I'll peer through all windows I can get to, wander the grounds of the property, and I've even found an unlocked door or two!

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