Disneyland Photo Shoot

Tragedy struck our lovely Disneyland trip. I got sick. REAL sick! I got a bad case of germies, sneezing, coughing, achy, stuffy all those Nyquil symptons yet I can’t take any meds until I talk to Dr. Wang. I bought some Cold Eaze and drank tea but this cold is here to stay.

We met Sarah at 11:30. I made a reservation at Ariel’s Grotto for a character lunch but we were trying to get as many Disneyland shots in 2 hours that we had to skip going to California Adventures. It was a nice day and surprisingly not crowded *I’m talking 5-10 minute waiting in lines* We got some awesome shots but I couldn’t find any balloon vendors so I was lacking them in my jump shots. But man, my jump shots were freaking stellar!! I jumped off of a bench in front of the Enchanted Castle and I got some major air. Sarah had to leave around 2 but we stayed until 6pm. I finally found the one balloon vendor at the park and she let me take pics with all the balloons.

We bought a Minnie one for Liv.

Antz made this fantastic sign for me and we used our moustaches.
We were able to go on a ton of rides, Haunted Mansion, It’s a Small World, Mad Hatter Teacups, Pinocchio, Snow White, and Jungle Cruise

This is my iphone, we look weird, like we’re made of clay

We scored a pic with the big Kahuna on Main Street but we had to ask the woman in line behind us to take our pic and of course the pics came out crappy. Antz is going to work his magic and try to lighten the shots before I post them. I took some shots with Goofy that came out okay.

I took this one
Thanks lady….sheesh!
Antz brightened this picture in Photoshop, unfortunately Liv wasn’t looking

My camera always manages to fail me when it comes to night shots. If I use the auto setting, the flash makes everything dark as seen here;

Auto with flash

No Flash, this was taken at dusk

No flash, see how blurry

With flash, Boo!

We had a yummy lunch at the French Market. Usually we get a corn dog but the food was super yum!! I had 3 cheese pasta and veggies and Antz had the garlic herb chicken. We shared cheesecake and listening to a jazz band *why was I the only one that knew all the songs, NERD!!*

I knew I was sick on the drive home, I had to pull over and let Antz drive. Friday we had our tax appt. with Gail and she made us very happy indeed again this year. *happy, happy, joy, joy dance*

She gave us some peas from her amazing organic garden. Antz and I really want to make a raised garden in the backyard but I am apprehensive from several past garden attempts *spinach, strawberries, herbs, chili peppers and greens, all sadly no longer with us*

This was our best spring garden, we used manure and the daisies were my favorite.

Aww, I love my gnomie, he’s all faded from the sun now.

This is how the garden looked the week we moved in.

I really liked the flowers this year 2008 but it always looks awesome in early spring but by summer it’s dead from the sun exposure.

The spinach was doing great but eventually it died.

The current state of our garden. We threw some random wildflower seeds out there that are starting to bloom but I would like it to fill out in the middle.

I would like to have something like this.

So maybe we’ll put something together in the next month but my priority project is our bathroom. I want new tile floors, plaster the tub and shower wall in white, paint and new storage.
I still need to get quotes and work on the budget. We picked up the shoes from the Pump Station and bought the hat which were on sale *sweet*

Sneeze, sniff, sniff, cough! I hope I’m not so miserable tomorrow at Leslie & Stephen’s Valentines Brunch. I’m making blueberry muffins in the morning *while wearing a medicinal mask, of course*.  

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