Pre Valentines Day Brunch

This morning I baked the blueberry muffins to perfection and of course I forgot to take a pic. My Mom spontaneously stopped by so I was a bit distracted. We did bring a few home with us so Antz took a pic for me. I am still feeling lame and grody so this will be a short but sweet post.

Speaking of sweet, Liv wore her new dress *the vintage one I got from Grow Kid Grow in Silverlake*

Mommy and Liv striking a pose
Leslie outdid herself as she always does. The setup was lovely, the food was yummy and the playlist was rocking *Sugarcubes for me, 80’s pop and hip hop*

Liv & her cute Godbrother, Elias

Liv’s Uncle Keith

I love the blue cupid and sweet red tulips

Joice made this lovely apple pie. She claims shes a beginner baker like me but I can’t throw down like that.

Walking with her Godfather, Nino
Bah, I look grey and sicko!!

My blueberry muffin
I just realized my muffins are lacking Muffintop!!!

Tomorrow I’m going to Sprinkles with Aimee to pick up some cupcakes. She is giving one to Mr Big *things are going well with them, although moving at a snail’s pace* and I’m going to give one to my 2 Valentines…❤

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