This is what my Friday nights have come to.

So I am fancy now with this HDDVR and it has a feature that based on which show I’m watching it’s pompous ass tries to tell me which shows I might like. Well just because I’m watching Ren & Stimpy I would NOT like Arthur NOR Codename: Kids Next Door. Wrong HDDVR, you don’t know me! Have you ever suggested some Skinamax softcore porn? What makes you think I wouldn’t enjoy some Three’s Company every once in awhile?

Didn’t you find the dirty ole whore Lana Shields desperation act charming?

I am positive Larry tapped that a few times!!

I watch enough Three Stooges, that’s a no-brainer, right? You thought you were close but no cigar when you saw I watched *embarrassing large amounts of* RuPaul’s Drag Race and figured Oh then you will LOVE Man vs Wild, that’s the gayest show on television!


So how about you take your Psychic Friends, poor sense of what entertains me and keep your opinions to yourself, Hmmph!

Alright, I’ll admit, I’m disgruntled. I am not used to NOT getting my way so I’m redirecting my negativity towards an inanimate object.

I shall now drown my sorrows in scrumptious chocolate chip cookies, a gift from my awesome friend Kim *who I don’t hang out with enough*

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