Yet another grownup disappointment

Well, I was all excited for my birthday this Sunday. Antz, Aimee and I were going to go sewing machine/fabric shopping. But alas, no sewing machine for Lizzie. My birthday present is a stupid water heater. I suppose I should be grateful, because we had emergency savings, we won’t have to use our credit cards and we are being responsible *LAME* I can still throw my tantrum because I’m a brat and I’m sick as a dog. It seems to be getting worse every passing day. I was hoping Liv and I would be recovering but it seems that I’ll have to cancel another playdate this Saturday. I also have to hold off on swimming lessons until the next session since I don’t want Liv in the water next Friday. So it’s with great humility that I welcome our new plumber, Martin, bearing the gift of hot water. It will only cost us $700 bells *that’s an Animal Crossing reference if you don’t know* which is a bargain compared to Malcolm’s diabolical plan to get $10k from us to repair all the plumbing. Last night Liv decided to cheer me up by biting me while I was nursing her. I mean HARD, where you could hear the crunch. *YOUCH!!* I screamed and cried. Ahh, motherhood. I don’t know if my luck could get any better. This week has been the definition of miserable.

Well last night while I was being munched on, Antz was busy working on some mysterious craft project. He wouldn’t tell me what it was so I assumed it was something for Olivia. He bestowed this lovely pin to me as I was trying to fall asleep to the horrible sounds of American Idol *I can’t stand that show, but Antz makes us watch it*

How fucking cute is this???

The funny part is, with this plumbing snafu I’ll be wearing it on my pajamas around the house on Sunday because we can’t afford to go anywhere for awhile!

I still don’t know if I’m going to visit Aimee today yet. She really wants me to see her new apartment but Martin didn’t start work until 11am and it will take about 4 to 5 hours so I won’t want to drive over there so late. I may consider it because my Mom is having a listening party in Santa Monica so maybe Aimee could babysit for us and Antz and me could stop by. Aimee really wants me to come over and pick up my birthday present, which she is assuring me is the best pres ever!!

Well, Antz is coming home for lunch *and check up on the job*

Our kitchen floor looks like this at present
 Pretty fucking cool, right?

Cough, sniff, sneeze…GROAN!!
Update: Here’s my birthday present…

Just Kidding!!
Look what my incredibly rad best friend gave me for my birthday!!
My very first pair of diamond earrings. I love them and I LOVE Patrick Bateman!!!!
I love you Aimee, you are terrific!!!

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