Spring has Sprung!

Los Angeles has finally gotten the memo that it’s springtime. Most of March was cold and rainy but this week Mr Sunshine popped his head out and the skies are bright and blue. Our garden has even turned gorgeous *in spite of our total lack of care*







This lovely weather isn’t going to last long, we have a bunch of stuff to do and places to go!

the awesome park in San Gabriel

beach day


FIDM Motion Picture Costume Exhibit

Peekaboo in Eagle Rock

Sign Liv up for swimming lessons

Buy this guy and go for a family bike ride on the Strand

Get busy on our raised organic veggie garden *lemon cucumber…sounds delish!*

host the next dog party *in loving memory of Maxwell*

check out Reform School *see if they have any sewing classes*

and playdates galore

Did I mention that Liv is on a solid food hunger strike? She has decided that puffs will be her only food of choice in between her demand for boob. She actually slaps the spoon out of my hand. Maybe it’s payback for getting her a cage…errr, I mean gated enclosure.

My monkeys in their cage



I had to stop Liv the Destroyer, she was pulling my books off the bookshelves, torturing our houseplant and getting into any type of mischief you could imagine. I can’t help but find our little Hellcat way too adorable!

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