Guess who’s been waiting *not so patiently* sitting on my front stairs, twiddling my thumbs, eagerly jumping every time I heard a truck pass by. This girl! I saw approx. 4 UPS trucks this week and none of them paid me a visit.

*Sad face*

Okay, that’s really my serious pout face but I HATE waiting!! Taps foot impatiently. So I’ve been tracking this package ever since it left Greensboro North Carolina on Tuesday *where my new baby was born* and this morning at 7:33 it arrived in Los Angeles!

SO!! Guess what happened next?

Is it…?

A. Mr UPS delivered my package right on my doorstep and rang my doorbell to let me know it’s here?

B. Mr UPS rang my bell and I had to schlep the 18 pound box up the stairs myself?

C. Mr UPS carelessly threw the package over my fence and it landed in the roses so I had to fight thorns and spiders to get the box only to find my beautiful Hello Kitty sewing machine was DAMAGED ???

DING, DING, DING!! You win if you answered C!!

My lovely new sewing machine was dented from the abuse she suffered from Mr UPS throwing it over the fence. I am livid! BOO! Why me? I’m sweet *most of the time* I always tip at Starbucks and Jamba Juice, I buy Girl Scout cookies and I even let people cut in front of me when they are waiting in traffic. UGH!!

Well, if you believe that, you’re the BIGGEST APRIL FOOL EVER!!

Points and laughs!


No really, the answer was A. Mr UPS brought the package right to my door and even gave me a huge smile. He took off before I could offer him an ice cold water but I was too excited to rip open the box.

Isn’t it sew RAD!! I also got my Faith Buddha lamp for the bathroom.
YAY! I love Urban Outfitters!! I am so excited to get sewing. We are definitely going to F&S Fabric store this weekend. This is the first thing I want to attempt…wish me luck!!
Two Minute T-shirt Dress from Prudent Baby *most wonderful DIY blog*
The most sewing I’ve ever done was repairing the holes in my yellow sweater and the occasional button. I have to find her an awesome Björk T-shirt or Tom Waits. This is going to be MAJOR!!

PS Kudos to the dude at Urban for hooking me up with free shipping and getting it here in less than a week!! You totally earned some Kharma points, Bro.

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