Liv is 10 freaking months old!!!

I find it so very surreal that in 2 months our daughter will be a year old!! This time last year I was completely consumed with planning our Bebe Shower, finishing Liv’s nursery and pulling my hair out over the garage roof/deck repair. It seemed like forever ago I was wishing, praying and begging for a bebe and I finally got my wish. I am positive that all my good luck was depleted when Olivia was born. I couldn’t have a better life with her and Antz. She’s got both of our personality, she’s always smiling *showing off those 2 bottom teeth*

This is my lovely before & after her ordeal with a teething cookie. It took her close to an hour to finish it! I complain and I’m in a constant state of misery because I want to move or I want to travel but when I think about the big picture, I’ve travelled *been to Europe twice* and we have a sweet little house. I need to live in the moment and stop planning every detail of our future. I even bought Liv a pool *since I’m constantly whining about not having one!*
Yep, I couldn’t resist…the whale sprayer *and the $25 price tag* won me over. We have to go swim suit shopping for Liv since the one I liked from Janie & Jack sold out *I knew I should have bought it when I saw it back in January!*
These are top contenders
Kate Mack ‘True Love’ Swimsuit
This one doesn’t break the bank as much as my fave above
 Garden one-piece
But it’s pretty yawn to me…we need to pick one before her birthday because there is a pool at the hotel in San Diego and I intend to swim, swim, swim *although I can’t stand chlorine pools, BOO!*
We spent most of today in Hollywood and we drove past an apartment building that I adore
*this is Liv’s just woke up from a nap face*

This dude was beatboxing while he played the harp…as much as he wanted it to, it wasn’t sounding good.

The look on this girl’s face is classic! She is giving this balloon maker the side-eye like Dude, I don’t want a turnip shaped balloon!
Ummmm, geee….thanks?

OMG!!! I stopped right in my tracks…

This place was super swank right at the bottom of the Hollywood Sign mountain *too hazy to get a good pic of the sign* but I would definitely approve of Liv living in this building *it was made for her* of course, after she graduates from college!!

Here is last week’s photo…I bought Liv this Fedora which Antz felt gave her a bit of an Indy vibe
soo…cue music!

Here’s this week’s pic…my spring flower is mellow yellow

Thanks Auntie Deb for this lovely spring frock…Liv loves it!!

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