Weekend Wrap-up Part 2

Sunday started off with Antz cleaning the house from top to bottom *this is reason #279,379 I love this man* We headed to Target *although I hate going there on weekends* to pick up our free reusable bag.
I wanted to be greedy and get like 10, but we settled for the 2 they gave us. So we drove to Venice to check out Aimee’s new crib *is that what the kids call it?* Even with all of LA at the beach, we got pretty good parking in a lot near her house. I am so bummed I forgot to take pictures of the place with her stuff in it. Her apartment is majorly adorable. Her bed fit nicely behind the built-ins. Antz and I helped her build a few things and hang some photos but Aimee and I need to go shopping. I bought her this Annabella Lwin *from Bow Wow Bow* poster last year and now we are going to find an amazing frame for it. I’m excited to decorate her place. Her inspiration is the lovely pad of Charlotte Ronson

Charlotte is scrumptious!! We are calling the style French Romantic Shabby Chic Vintage Bohemian which is exactly what Aimee is. Now I am wanting 1960s French film posters.

*we both have a major crush on her and on her hot brother Mark*

He is absolutely yummy!!

Aimee had to go to work so Antz and I went to this place called Piknic. Seriously YUM! We had bleu cheese and bacon burgers and I had the most amazing sweet potatoe fries ever!! Liv and I were fighting over them.

Saturday I wore my hair in braids so Sunday morning I took them out and went with the crazy lady hairdo!!
We went to the park next door afterwards and check this kid out!!

So close!!! Maybe next week she’ll take that first step.

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