Weekend Wrap-up sponsored by Banksy!!

Wowzers, what a fun weekend!! We spent most of Saturday sunbathing, lazing around and catching up on telly before our date with Carlos & Stephanie in Little Tokyo. We met them at Tenno Sushi and of course, we ate like it was our last meal. I was a bit peeved at the staff at Tenno because not only did they seat us in a lame spot *right next to the bathroom, which was closed, so we got a ton of folks walking by us interrupting our meal* but they also they completely forgot a portion of our order and when they did remember, they gave us the wrong thing! BOO! We have been going there for years and I hate to bring people to a place we recommend and then get poor service. However C & S *sorry, but they are getting abbreviated* said they liked the food. So I was a wee bit nervous presenting the ceremony I wrote. They said they liked it and they want simple, quick and to the point. So no Elizabeth Barrett Browning poems or biblical verses but they definitely gave me the thumbs up. I got all the wedding details I could squeeze out of them. The colors are dark grey, lavender and off-white….LOVELY!!
I mentioned my wedding attire and it seemed as they wanted me to go the more conservative route and then change into my party dress for the reception.

I have to rethink this whole thing.  I want to represent them to my best ability, yet I also want to look FABulous in their photos. Another conundrum, Carlos’s bachelor party is the first weekend of August *Antz has been invited to attend* and I was hoping it would be the weekend of our anniversary *although our anniversary falls on a Thursday and I checked the rates at my favorite Vegas hotel and weekends are super pricey!!* so we could kill 2 birds with 1 stone if you know what I mean!
I would hate for Antz to go to Vegas without me but I would never tag along for a boy’s weekend in Vegas *The Hangover, right?* but if we happen to already be out there for our anniversary *on Wed-Friday* we could really live it up for $89 a night!! *Eye roll!* I am always scheming for a vacay!

Well, aside from my Vegas troubles, the wedding sounds delightful. They are having a small wedding party, a medium sized guest list and I got all the important dates, rehearsal, bridal shower, the stag parties and the big day time and magnificent location. I even suggested these amazing cake toppers from Together Forever on Etsy *I want one so bad!!*
We walked around the Japanese plaza and witnessed some hilarious karaoke.

Thanks dear husband, all my strict organic/veggie diet down the drain. She attacked his Rocky Road, oh well, it would happen sooner or later.

Mr Carlos is like a mini-Donald Trump! He always has business in the works and his latest venture is awesome tshirts. He is wearing one here and he just launched a facebook page.

This guy was horribly funny, he kept telling the audience that nuclear plants are bad!! Fuuuccck yeah!! NO NUKES!!

Ugh, I look like the nanny with my bangs pulled back!
So we checked out the shops and I had to pick up this adorable nightlight for the bathroom
Super sweet for ten bucks and matches the interior paper of our medicine cabinet.
So let me tell you something about Carlos and Stephanie…I have known them for almost as long as I’ve know Aimee *which is quite some years* they were at our wedding
Look at those fresh-faced kids!!
They have always been kind and generous but they overdid it…here I am feeling absolutely HONORED to officiate their wedding and they went and gave us this thank you gift…
Sorry for the blur but these are Florence + the Machine tickets!!
These are amazingly rad seats too, like section A! The venue is at the Greek *one of my favorite concert sites* These guys are the best!! I am so happy my friends are dope. WOW, thanks guys *smiling extra hard*
So after our date we were all amped up and decided to grab a SECOND *cause that’s how greedy fuckers do it* dessert. We stopped by the amazing Dorothy Chandler Pavillion *where I saw my very first Björk concert, so incredible* so we had to take a few pics in front of this massive water feature.

She moves fast!!

Don’t ask me how we ended up in Beverly Hills but we got red velvet cupcake for me and chocolate brownie bites for Antz. We drove past something I had to immediately brake and reverse to check out! Last month I saw Exit Through the Gift Shop, and since then, I have been obsessed with Banksy. I love the mystery and sheer genius of his artistry. I mentioned to my friend and Banksy fanatic, Mia, that I want to go Banksy art hunting but she couldn’t make it last week. I feel terrible for spotting a Banksy piece without her but I didn’t expect to find an actual Banksy piece.

This is BULLSHIT!! My camera blows at night. I was devastated when I saw how poor these shots came out. We tried it with the Nikon, the Canon Powershot and it turned out that the iPhone took the brightest shots. GRRR! Like I said, a Gypsy must have cursed my cameras because the shots went from bad to worse. Sigh! Please bear with these awful shots. I was exhilarated finding this street art in of all places the heart of Beverly Hills.
I couldn’t stop staring at the piece, I was really thinking “How can I remove this spray painted wall so I can sell it for millions on eBay??”

My iPhone was the most decent shots

Here’s the best we could conjure. Well, my adrenaline was pumping and I got hooked. After some iPhone research, I had to get some more photos of lovely art so we headed over to Melrose *which is the Mecca of graffiti and street art*

That blur you see is me jumping…thanks alot Nikon motion setting!

Where the Wild Thangs Are!!!

It is rumoured that this lovely lass is a Banksy but after checking online she is, in fact, a fake! But I LOVE her.
This however is another Banksy original in downtown LA…SCORE!!
Okay maybe my sugar rush wore off but I started to feel terrible for Liv having to sleep in her uncomfortable car seat since we were out until like 2am *I had no idea we were out that late, eeep!* and the locations started to feel scary so we called it a night. 
I’ll have to post Sunday’s good times tomorrow, I am much too tired and I started this post at 9pm and after uploading all these pics, I must call it a night. I will leave you will last week’s photo.
Her Dad is her stylist and she looks like a 5 year old!!

Good Nights!

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