Shake, shake, shake, shake your Booty!!

Today was World Citizen Toddler Dance Class and to my pleasant surprise my hubby was waiting for us as we arrived! LOVE! He played hooky from work for an hour to shake his tailfeather with me and Liv. Super awesome.

Antz took video with his phone so I’ll upload them tonight. We had a swinging time! After class Liv and I took a nice stroll around the neighborhood and, of course, I stalked out my Glenmanor house. I torture myself, the neighborhood is so charming, birds singing, the sun shining bright, people waving and saying hello, I thought I was in a Disney movie.
It’s actually looking a bit shabby ever since the January rainstorms caused a tree to fall on their front yard.

Antz is like we can find a better house for less, in better condition. I am not convinced, this is a minor repair and I would want to replace this scrawny fence anyway. He hasn’t researched the neighborhood like I have. I know every single house with a pool, large yard, and the square footage we need within the area I prefer. Besides, even if we found another house that fit our wishlist, I wouldn’t want to live near my dream house.
Anyway *why do my posts always turn into Atwater rants?* So Liv and I had El Pollo Loco for lunch and she has been power napping ever since. I have been playing around on Pinterest and scouting out venues for mi amiga Jessica’s 2012 wedding. She wants a rustic barn within 2 hours of LA so this is a tall order.
By the way I think this is quite adorable…from Etsy
Ever wonder how YouTube or Twitter works? Here’s a cheeky answer.

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