My First Official Mother’s Day *for real this time*

Last year, I sort of was a Mommy because I was 8 months preggers although extremely stressed to max over our Bebe Shower and the garage roof repair. I don’t even remember what we did on Mom’s day last year but I guess that’s what this blog is for. I opened my Mommy’s day gift and to my surprise my lovely husband bought the necklace I spazzed out about at Spitfire Girl.

I love your guts with a REAL RUBY!!
It’s unbelievably stellar!!


He had it engraved but there’s a funny inside story behind it *sorry just between us* Liv and Antz made me a yummy breakfast in bed.
After my breakfast, I went to pick up my Mom *in LA* and Antz picked up some ingredients to make his Famous crunchy chicken tacos. We ate tacos for dinner and drank champagne while I downloaded some files to my Mom’s ipod *we gave her audiobooks for Mothers day*
We watched Salt *boo, lame* and Exit Through the Gift Shop on Netflix. I’ve now made my Mom a Banksy fan. She wants someone to do graffiti on her house in Apple Valley *yep, my Mom is pretty cool*
So this morning I drove my Mom home and dropped off Liv at my MIL’s while I went to acupuncture. I talked to Sarah about the headshot photoshoot and she recommended we do them at the Los Angeles Arboretum. Wowzers! Extremely rad location!! Now I have to figure out what the heck is she going to wear. I am super excited to send her headshots to the casting agent Gilli hooked me up with. I sort of wish Liv could meet them in person so they could get a first hand look of her personality.
Sorry, I know I am overdoing it with the wings but I LOVE them!!

Whilst at my Mom-in-laws house, Liv decided today was the day for walking. She did it a bunch of times. I am pretty sure it’s the carpet. Now I have to find her some cute saddle shoes *not like my giant Frankenstein-sized shoes*

I was sobbering like an idiot! I must be the only one who did NOT want her to walk. I am happy, don’t get me wrong, but the sooner she walks the sooner she’ll be running all over the place. I suppose the bright side is she’ll be needing hard soled shoes and I am loving these from Livie & Luca.

Smell ya later!

3 thoughts on “My First Official Mother’s Day *for real this time*

  1. Happy Belated Mother's Day!

    OMG…I think I teared up a little watching that video of Liv walking!!!!! I can't believe our girls are growing up soo fast!!!!

    Olivia is not walking yet but I know what you mean…it's going to be much more work once they can run around. :/

    How's the bday planning coming along? I pretty much got all the major things confirmed such as food, guest list and location. (my house) but now it's the nitty gritty details! (I;m making poms poms too!) Now the biggest headache is what will Olivia wear?! I've searched high and low and still on the hunt for the perfect dress.

  2. Thanks Nancy,

    Happiest of Mommy's Day!! Sounds like your all set for the big 1! Are you having a specific theme? What colors are you using? Do you want Olivia to dress up or keep it casual? I have a post about wardrobe coming up soon and I'll keep you in mind.
    We have a long list of things to do for Liv's San Diego birthday but I am trying my best to keep them secret until we go. I am also still figuring out what she will wear but I'm looking at Etsy alot.
    Liv only seems to walk with Anthony or my Mom-in-law which is fine with me. They are excited for her to grow up but I want her to stay little *and still need me*
    Take Care

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