The Wings made their big debut

Last night I slaved in my home “sweatshop” and the toils of my labor produced these guys.

Once we put them on Liv, she literally flew off. She wouldn’t sit still for a photo.


I can’t help but be proud of my craftsmanship!
Liv wore them to Evelyn & Dion’s Bittersweet Going Away party today. Why bittersweet you ask? I am completely sads they will be away for 27 months, however, seems like more reason to travel to Paraguay to visit, right? It just so happens 2 of the Wonders of the World happen to be in the vicinity of South America *#14 & #24* The good news is they have Skype, a local phone number and they will keep us updated via their blog.
It was incredible to see so many friends and family that came out to support D & E. We filled up on pizza and hung out for a few hours.

I really want to make some wings for me *although Antz won’t be seen in public with me if I wore them*
Isn’t it ironic that they took this pic in front of the Exit sign at their going away party…spooky!

Uhh, hello double chins!

I love this photo!

Liv’s cousin Justin held Liv!! Normally you couldn’t pry him away from his beloved video games…boys!

LOVE Liv’s Bratface!!! She was having a brat attack because we wouldn’t give her any pizza.

Antz showed Liv his Bratface
Tons of people

Her wings stayed put the entire time *YAY*

Thanks for the rad times, the bebesitting, the laughs, the amazing memories. We love you both and wish you an incredible journey. These guys are such an inspiration!! *tears*
After the party we went to register Liv for swimming lessons and luckily we got the last spot for Saturdays *sweet* I worked on another crafty project for Liv’s 1st but it’s top secret.
Love & Junk,

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