Liv’s BFF’s Birthday Party!

Saturday was Charlotte’s 1st birthday! I remember when I was preggers and Antz was always telling me about his co-worker Cobb’s wife being preggo at the same time I was. We didn’t officially meet until Liv was about 3 weeks old but I am so happy Liv and Charlotte are BFFS. Lovely Charlotte’s party was super fun and Olivia exhausted herself *she’s been asleep since Lotte opened her gifts but you know Mommy took tons of photos.

Birthday Girl!!

Liv, are you ready to party?

Happy happy birthday Lotte!

This is how BFFs do it, they sat together and spoke in their secret language.

That’s your nose!

This is my best friend

 Mingling with the other guests

Mmmm, fruit salad
Proud Dad, Cobb

Who’s ready for birthday cake, vegan style?

Jenn’s family is super sweet

Here’s the thing, Charlotte doesn’t do messy

So yummy, so yummy

 Time to open the mountain of gifts

Awesome Radio Flyer tricycle

Drumroll please, our present
I added photos of the BFFs together for them to put in Charlotte’s nursery

We got her a talking soccer ball

Charlotte must have gotten an entire wardrobe of clothes from her family and friends, super cute!!

We had a blast but Liv fell asleep while Charlotte opened her pressies. Cobb & Jenn were so sweet, they gave Liv an early gift. Antz co-worker Danielle gave Liv a gift too.

It makes me sad Liv isn’t having a party but next year she’ll have her extravaganza!!
PS I got my feathers and my manicure!!

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