Not really, because when we went to pick up Aimee in Venice the beach was FREEZING!! We had to wear jackets and I wore my Uggs. Olivia’s Anthropologie *steal of the Century, marked down $19.99 from $78* kitty sweater made it’s grand debut, even though it’s 2 sizes too big, she still looked ADORABLE.

I tried in vain to get a shot of her hoodie but she was all over the place, as always.

Boo! It’s hot every day during the week but on weekends it’s always like, no sun for you! Oh well, we picked up and Aimee and she loved the Tiguan. We went to our old sushi spot in Culver City called Kabuki. I ordered shrimp curry and as much as I love sushi, that is my new fave dish. It looks tiny but when you finish you are full. 

Liv, do you have any inkling to how rad you are??!!

Me and the BFF
Aimee ordered this lovely dish and we grubbed and laughed.

She had to go to work and we went to our next stop, Antz Mom was having a BBQ for his sister’s birthday. It was great because Antz cousin Anthony *yesh, they both have the same first and last name* was there. He is so awesome and I rarely get to see him and his Mommy.

This is the last time I saw Anthony and his lovely girlfriend at Cirque du Bebe

So we ate again *a little nosh* before we went to my Mom’s house in LA to show Snowball IV to her BFF, Debbie. I took pics of Liv and her Grammy playing on the front lawn like I used to when I was a wee lass.
Lizzie circa 1983ish
Same lawn, new fence

Then we drove back to our side of town for our friends Jes & Tom’s BBQ. Story made the yummiest gaucamole ever. We watched videos of Irene’s cheesefest Bachlorette party strip show

Yep, that happened!

Olivia was quite entertaining playing with the 4 dogs at the party but I hate to admit it, Tom & Jes’s new puppy Ribs stole the show for me.

**Tom & Jes have a meat fetish for naming their pets, they have a cat named Bacon,their other doggy is Hammy and the new guy is Ribs**

We called it a night at 9:30 which was fine with me since we needed an early night to get rested for the upcoming week. I was going to try to watch Blue Valentine *which Aimee highly recommends* on Netflix but we were too sleepy so we’ll take it to San Diego and watch it when Liv goes to bed.

So far, this has been a pretty stellar weekend. I am so looking forward to our mini vacay *even if it is just 2 hours away* I cannot wait to see Liv’s face when she goes to the zoo and Sea World. We are still going back and forth about taking the new red wagon because it’s so bulky and the new car has limited trunk space. Then again, I would love to decorate it for her birthday with ribbon streamers and she would have more room to lounge in than her stroller.

This song has been playing in heavy rotation in our house!!

I hope you lovelies are enjoying your 3 day weekend. I must pack and get started baking for Liv’s World Citizen class pre-birthday party.

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  1. Heeheehee! I know it's a finger, but I prefer to believe that it's a stripper's micro-peen that penetrates the shot at about 0:08 of the bachelorette party video.

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