World Famous San Diego Zoo

Day two without Internet but I had to post about the zoo. We sort of cheated and wrote on her chalkboard that today was her birthday but it’s easier than writing tomorrow is my birthday. We must have taken 300 pictures *just uploaded the Nikon on my laptop, 581 photographs!! Mommerazzi went a bit overboard!!* between the Nikon *I used the larger 200mm lens which worked like a dream* and the Canon Powershot. We also took a few with our iPhones which is all I can upload tonight but I promise this post will be up to it’s ears in photos this weekend.
We were bummed the Radio Flyer wagon didn’t fit in my car and when I saw a few wagons at the zoo, I was wary, but we turned Liv’s stroller seat facing forward so she had a better vantage point and we got more room to store the props *2 chalkboard signs, our moustaches and the hello kitty snack carrier* Seemed to be a perfect day, not too hot but sunny and breezy. Not too crowded, the place felt isolated but rad people took our pictures. I still couldn’t figure out how to use the Nikon remote control. Everywhere we turned people were telling Olivia Happy Birthday or telling me how cute her wings are.

We are extremely exhausted but before I hit the sack, I must say that tonight when we got back to the hotel Liv pooped in the toilet!!! Sorry, TMI? To us, this is MAJOR! She was making the poop face *it’s hilarious* and I grabbed her and put her on the toilet wearing her diaper. I assumed she pooped in the diaper but when we took it off, it was clean and dry. Then after like a minute we heard a poop and she used the toilet like a big girl. I spazzed out! This is yet another milestone before her 1st year. Now I must buy her potty on Friday.

YAY!! She also gave me and Antz kisses today and I almost died!!

Love our Liv, she’s sooo incredible!!!

Tomorrow Sea World and Sprinkles cupcake smash is on the agenda. I woke up last night at 3 am so, I’m hoping I get a full nights sleep tonight because I am beat.

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