The Book of the Month Club

So like I said, Monday was pretty busy for me, yet I did have time to catch a quick 30 minute nap but what I didn’t tell you is I actually had a few minutes to do something I rarely get to do…READ!

I have been reading Bossypants for 3 weeks now but I always seem to get interrupted. Tina Fey is a riot! It’s such a great book that I actually don’t want to finish it. I also have a ton of other books I’ve been acquiring but haven’t made time to read. I haven’t been so vigilant about working on my classic novels list #8 but I really have to be in the mood for a classic novel *ei: a thick book with no pictures*. After hearing that a film adaption of Atlas Shrugged is in the works I considered reading it, but when I saw the thickness of the book, I’m just not in the mood for a high school assignment like that. Here’s more of my speed…yes, I’m sure most 6th graders are reading beyond this level!

The Best of David Sedaris….one of my favorite authors. I read 75% of When Engulfed in Flames when I was preggers. I still don’t know why I haven’t finished it? I bought Me Talk Pretty One Day from a recommendation from my friend Story and a few months back I saw Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk at Target and got it without knowing anything about it, however illustrations by Ian Falconer, yes of Olivia fame, sold me. I strongly suggest David *who happens to be Amy Sedaris’s brother. She wrote one of my favorite crafting books*
 Here’s the two I just can’t make myself read and I should
I started reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo when I was in Jury Dooty *cause it’s crap!!* As much hype that is involved with the Larsson series and the movies, Swedish setting and Astrid Lindgren references, I still couldn’t get into it. I’m not that big of a thriller novel fan. Same problem with Through the Looking Glass. I know a ton of people who get stoned and make Lewis Carroll jokes so I figured I need to read this dude…uhh, I prefer the Disney animated feature *not that Tim Burton shit* I know, I’ve lost intellectual points here.

My last books are the ones I’m most excited about. The first one is The Happiness Project *you know I’m down with gettin’ my happy on* I am utilizing my Life List as my personal Happiness Project. I’m pretty sure that I’ll tweek my list once I finish this book.
And My Fathers Daughter…ahhh Fishsticks *as she is affectionately known by Michael K, my favoritest person in the world* Aimee gave me the side eye when I told her I wanted to get her “cook”book but here’s my thing…I have a voyeuristic sense of stalking celebs and richies. I like to peek in their windows *virtually so I won’t get arrested* and see how the 1% live. I guess it was growing up on tour with my Mom, I got to travel first class, stay in 5 star hotel suites and go to exclusive parties at mansions, I’ve always marveled at the Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous *remember Robin Leach?* so I wanted to read what Goopy Paltrow feeds her chirrins and how she maintains her slender frame, crystal clear complexion and lush golden mane. I won’t reveal the secret but know this, she isn’t hitting the drive-thru! I just may prepare something I find non vomit-inducing from her book *although the average time to prepare a meal is around 3 hours and will probably cost me $100 in organic ingredients* Or I may regift it to someone as a gag…
What books are covered in dust on your nighstand?

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