Ah Gay Puree

Ten points if you get that reference. My mind is flooded with thoughts of being in Paris. It doesn’t help that my friend Mia is spending her birthday with her family in Paris and I’m taking a French class with Leslie at the end of this month. I already planned to take Liv to Paris in 2013 but that was before I decided that I wanted to buy a new house and I calculated the tuition for Olivia’s Preschool *which I was shocked to discover they are a year round school, hence no summers off, which means 3 extra months of tuition* Long story short, my priorities have changed, so my budget too must change. We could make it happen in 2014 if I save strictly *snort, we’ll see* I got an email from Daily Candy about Paris yesterday. Daily Candy always seems to know what’s on my mind, I get emails from them precisely at the time I am thinking of it.

Anywho…here’s what they sent me…

Visit Paris

Which after some navigation, led me to this

Le Petit Paradis de Paris

Now, first I was firmly set on staying at the W Paris – Opéra *to fill my Life List quota #18* but the bad news is the W is ridiculously expensive and then you add on the Euro conversion and it’s over 2 grand! Now this Petit Paradis *The Studio Flat* is looking like a winner. What is more FABulous than staying at an authentic Parisian flat overlooking Notre Dame?


The pros are outweighing the cons. Perfect location, the price is half of the W, without those pesky hidden hotel fees, parking *if we rent a car* internet, tips. The flat has a mini kitchen so we could prepare Liv’s food. The only con is…it’s not the W!
Here’s some other things I’ve been daydreaming about for our Parisian holiday:
Buy macarons at Pierre Herme
Saint Ouen Flea Market *how would I bring home all my lovely stuff?*
Eat a ton of delish goodies at the Rose Bakery
Skip rocks Amelie style at the Saint Martin Canal
And drool over this amazing shop
So fucking rad!!
The only thing that sucks is there is no Anthropologie in France. There are a couple in London. Hopefully they’ll open one by 2014?
Bonne Nuit Lovelies!!

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