Stephanie’s Bridal Shower

Last night Antz and I went to Paramount Studios to see Bridesmaids *hilarious* I am so glad I’m already married. It makes me appreciate all the time and money my friends and family spent on me. I also understand what Carlos & Steph are going through so I can keep my suggestions to myself and help them anyway possible. I’ve been in that Bridezilla postion and it ain’t pretty. So today I was extra early for the shower and I helped a little with setting up decorations at the Tea house.

The Bride-to-be, Stephanie and me

I won the Name the Famous Couples game *of course*

As well as the draw the Groom on top of your head *who knew I had artsy skills?*


My winning art is in the middle, I tried to draw Carlos’s mohawk and signature beard stubble.
Carlos & Stephanie, ridiculously cute!

Carlos *the Groom* stopped by to drop off a birthday present for Liv
They seem to have a knack at getting us just what we need, Liv got a rad pink hoodie

The place was on trendy Abbot Kinney which is right around the corner from Aimee’s and down the street from where the wedding will be in Santa Monica.

Our impromptu decorating. They had the exact same trouble with vases that we had at the shower with our feathers. Turns out they ditched the vases and put the sunflowers on the table so there were no glass shattering incidents.


We all signed Steph’s engagement portrait

The guests

The maid of honor, Steph’s sister Samantha *who just got her Masters degree from the AFI!!*

The tea house has an adorable ambiance


She pretty much got enough lingerie to last her for years

I got her a gift card to Panty Raid an awesome store in Los Feliz village *I really want some stuff for myself, to be honest*
Lovely shower, I am super geeked about their wedding. I am even more excited about Papa’s day tomorrow and giving Antz his gift

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