You wanna know who rocks??

This guy!

I am, of course, biased in my opinion but hear me out, Anthony is so freaking unbelievable. Not just for making rad things for me in a moments notice. Not just for his Super artsy crafting skills so our daughter’s first birthday turns out to be magical. Not just for bravely killing spiders and changing the diaper dekor every single time. It’s the incredible way her can put Liv to bed that I never can seem to do successfully. It’s coming home from a long day and finding the house spotless, with candles burning and dinner on the table waiting for me. It’s loving me enough to accept the fact that I can’t cook, clean *half as good as he can*, or do laundry without some type of mishap. Antz carries up the heavy groceries from my car, he doesn’t mind my prickly legs in bed when I’m too lazy to shave. He lets me control the remote even though 90% of what I watch is HGTV. He puts up with my elaborate party themes and make my ridiculous Halloween costumes from scratch. He even gives up his beloved A/C because I’m always cold even in hot weather which I know is a huge sacrifice. I don’t think I can say thank you enough for making it possible for me to stay at home with Olivia. I hear about so many Moms who miss their kid’s recital, sporting event or even picking them up from school because they have to work and it breaks my heart. I am so incredibly lucky to have my supportive husband who understands how important being here with her means to us. Even when you feel the financial weight on your shoulders. Even more when you have to say goodbye to Liv in the morning and she runs to the door and watches you leave through the window. I know how hard that is, actually I don’t, I’ve never had to leave her, I don’t think I’d be able to. I know how hard it must be to be our sole breadwinner. I know how difficult it is to listen to me bitch about wanting to move, or travel to Paris, or want a new purse, shoes, or any of the thousands of things I am coveting at the moment. Thank you for listening to me vent about my daily life crisis with good humor and encouraging words. Antz, thank you for being such a fantastic hubby. Thank you for not spending hours playing video games, watching sports, playing golf, doing whatever guys do to cars and never forgetting to put the toilet seat down. Thank you for having the sweetest Mother-in-law I could ever ask for and for being the most awesome son-in-law to my Mom. Thank you for itching my back in just the right spot, complimenting me when I am feeling gross, bringing home flowers for no reason other than I love them, putting up with my shenanigans for 15 long years. You raise the bar to an unreachable level for other Husbands/Papas with your patience, you thoughtfulness, your wit, your generosity and your loveliness. I know I am 4 days late with the post because I kept breaking down in tears when I tried to write this to you, overwhelmed with love. Questioning myself a dozen times on how did I get so lucky? Trying to somehow put into words *in some sort of eloquent manner* of how grateful I am to have spent the last 15 years by your side. You gave me a beautiful baby girl and for that I will forever be indebted you. When I see you in her big, brown eyes, when I laugh at her silliness that I know she picks up from you or when I feel her warm, soft, body I am bewildered of that tiny speck on the monitor at Dr. Teng’s office is now our Olivia.

Happy day we met Anniversary!! *June 22, 1996*

Holy Shizzballs, who are those kids??!!

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