We did Mrs. Roper proud!!

Today my crafting buddy, Kim and I channeled our inner 70’s hippie and went to a macramé class at the Little Knittery. The guy teaching the class was so adorable. He said his mother taught him how to macramé when he was younger. At first I was standing there was a giant question mark on my head but after watching him demonstrate it several times I somehow picked it up. The class was scheduled to be 2 hours but we left after 4. After a few stumbles, I found my niche and got into a rhythm.

Me and our teacher, Kenny!! Isn’t he cute?

Once I got the hang of it, I did pretty well
Kim was really feeling her Mrs Roper vibe…all she’s missing is a sweet ass fro.

My finished product…I LOVE our plant’s new outfit.

It was a Macra-Magical afternoon!!

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