I WON, I WON, Now YOU win! My First Official Giveaway



Finally, after months of entering contests I actually won one *haha, I love homophones, don’t you?* About a month ago I entered the Serena & Lily Giveaway contest at LilSugar, not really thinking I’d have a shot but since I already had my Cirque du Bebe photos uploaded on the site I submitted them. I got an email today saying I was one of the top 5 first place winners of a $25 Serena & Lily giftcard, a $25 Oilily giftcard and a Serena & Lily Nursery Book. I still don’t know who won the $3,500 grand prize but that is one lucky so-and-so! Since I’ve been so fortunate to have you lovelies as readers of my humble blaarg, I’d like to host my first official giveaway and share my giftcard with one lucky reader. So here’s how it’s going to go down…


One lucky reader will nab a $25.00 Serena & Lily giftcard, wait don’t faint yet…and I’ll even throw in a mood board for the winner of the bedroom *your choice of parent’s room or child’s room* with my top picks from Serena & Lily. The contest ends on September 1, 2011.


Leave a comment including your email address telling me about your dream wishlist from Serena & Lily *with your whopping $25 giftcard.* Links to your blog or photos of your room would be FABulous for me to see.

I am coveting this lowercase pillow in an “o” of course!
 and I already have my dream pink pouf
but I would love one in turquoise.

RULES   *lame, I know but this is to cover my ass in case I blow this*

One entry per e-mail address. You must live within the United States to be eligible *sorry, if I’ve pissed off any of my lovely international readers but I don’t wanna get stuck with a huge postage bill*

Must be 18 years or older to enter. I will choose one winner using Random.org once I get a minimum of 50 entries. The contest ends September 1, 2011 *hopefully I’ll get more than 3 entries. Antz, My Mom and Aimee are ineligible*

Good luck to all!
I am super stoked about my first giveaway. *doing the Carlton dance, and yes, I hurt my thigh doing the splits*  I obviously did not get paid by Serena & Lily or LilSugar to host this contest, duh but I highly recommend checking out LilSugar for celebrity gossip, fashion tips, and adorable baby pictures *you may see Liv a few times* Oh, I admit…I am keeping the Oilily giftcard for Liv. Sorry but they had me at…

Can I confess I am super jealous of these gorgeous models in the Oilily lookbooks? Ahem, *beep and bleep talent agencies, what’s taking so G#@$Damn long to sign Olivia??!!*

I cannot wait for 2 things coming up this week….

I am totally geeked out about seeing this on Friday

It’s sort of gross that those children would grow up to be this hot!

CALIENTE! My armpit hair just sprouted a grey hair!!

Editor’s Note:

I have read the entire series several times so to me this is quite bittersweet. Not that it’s come to an end, because all good things must, but I was greatly disappointed on how JK Rowling wrapped up the lives of the 3 main characters in one lousy chapter. I mean, there’s a ton of plotholes that I need answers to. I  also think Harry should have stuck with Cho Chang…she has surely been in extensive therapy to deal with Cedric’s death and by now I envision her as a successful chiropractor. I won’t give away the ending but it was no Soprano’s series finale, I tells ya!

This Saturday is the Renegade Craft Fair!!


You may have heard that this weekend is also Carmageddon. Even though we won’t be anywhere near the freeways that are closed, we have decided to go sans car to the fair. After saying for the past 5 years that we will take the Gold Line Metro train to the park. If I wasn’t so indecisive about choosing Liv’s bike trailer we could ride our bikes but, we both have heavy beach cruisers so riding on city streets would be an all day event.
At the LA State Park in 2008 *the last time we went bike riding*

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