Yep, that was a Wayne’s World reference…I’m sure this movie made it’s debut when most of you lovelies were in nappies but it’s pretty iconic film in this old lady’s life *they filmed it right around the corner from my house*

So today I got a buzz from Mr UPS and I got my amazon order *finally, right?*


It came just in time, today when my Mom was leaving Olivia decided was a perfect moment to er…ummm….poop with a vengeance is the best way to describe it. Let’s just say, she ended up in the bathtub and her diaper was obliterated. Antz and I are going to casually introduce Monsieur Potty to her. Nothing formal or any pressure to preform on cue.
Just as I was researching our summer road trip ideas I find out that Antz will be taking an overnight business trip to San Francisco this week. Drats! I’ll have to miss my French class tomorrow. I was considering driving up there for our anniversary in August and staying at the W. Well, I suppose we can still go but Antz is over SF and he’d prefer going somewhere we haven’t been before. Only problem is anything within a day’s drive, I’ve been. Except Yosemite, but I’m not equipped for camping and really need a 5 star hotel *with a lovely pool* fix.


We’ve been to SF like 20 times and have never stopped to get a shot of the GG Bridge.
Speaking of nine blissful years of marriage gift ideas…I really, really want this 2 finger ring!!
So RAD!!  OH! and I am totally geeking out that the Renegade Craft Fair is this weekend. I know I’m going to spend soo much money *MERDE!! Save your money, dummy!!*
Love, Lizzie

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