Home a Love Story

Unless you are a hobo *nuthing wrong with that* you have a home. My home gives me mixed feelings. I am trying to hard to embrace that fact that we are lucky to own a house in this economy, yet I don’t love my home.

I have to admit, sometimes I feel like we settled. After writting 13 offers and having them all shot down, I was feeling rejected and depressed. We looked at every single open house in Los Angeles for 2 and a half years. I remember every Monday going to work and my co-workers asking me if we bought a house yet. We weren’t being picky but there was 3 requirements: location *close to Antz job* at least 2 beds, 2 baths and a big yard. This house ticks 2 out of the 3. I should be grateful for the proximity of Antz job. For 6 years he commuted  over an hour each way and to now drive there in less than 10 minutes is lovely. Then there’s our back yard, when I found our house online the pictures did not do it justice. Our yard is the envy of our friends. It’s private, has 180 views and fruit trees and *only in the spring* lush, green grass. Our backyard has served as the perfect spot for entertaining *don’t I sound like an HGTV show host?* and contrary to popular belief, has been pretty low-maintenance. That’s pretty much where the love affair ends. I admit, there are features I do appreciate about our house: we have a garage, our property is securely fenced in, we are on a hill so it gives us a view. I do like our Craftsman style, our fireplace is lovely *although we can never use it*, the hardwood floors are nice, and I like the layout of our house. However…as fantastic as our location is from Antz job, Highland Park was never my top choice to live. I really wanted Eagle Rock but we couldn’t afford anything AT ALL! We literally live 3 blocks from Eagle Rock’s zip code. Now, I am taking into account, HP has been improving *Art Walk and our awesome new neighbors* but the city is still not blowing my skirt up. We spend so much time in Atwater Village, people think we live there. Liv’s dance class is there, her school is in walking distance, we attend most of AV events. Then there’s the community, I am a member of the Atwater Village Mom’s group, I want to join the neighborhood council and Friends of the Los Angeles river. I want to volunteer at the library, invest in the AV Farm and clean up the river. I don’t feel the sense of community here. My across the street neighbors are a daily reminder of how much I want to move. I really want to move in 4 years, herein lies the problem. Our house is underwater, we have bad plumbing and foundation issues so selling our house for a profit is out of the question. There’s the possibility of a short sell but it will damage our credit and may make it impossible to apply for a new mortgage. Then there’s my dream house. I did something risky and sent an email to the owners letting them know I really love that house and I’d like to buy it one day. Fortunately, the owner is really nice and even though he said they aren’t planning on selling, he said if he does, he’ll let me know. YAY!! Now it’s up to me to be ready when this day comes. I have to beef up our savings, find a miracle to sell this house, qualify for a new mortgage and find a way to make them an offer they are happy with yet we can afford. That’s a tall order. You know what, I am a total optimist. I can make it happen. I will have my Barbie Dream House!!

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