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Michael K and I are pretend soulmates. He fucking gets it like nobody’s business. I really hope we have a chance to meet in person one day *yep, a new stalker*

I came across this post today about the TLC show Toddlers & Tiaras and I got to thinking, when will someone step in and say enough is enough.

It used to be the babies were forced into formal gowns, *that cost as much as a foreign car* painted full of makeup that even Tammy Faye herself would say “too much” and browbeaten to parade across a stage while 4 of the creepiest pedofolks judging them on their 2 year old physique and personality.

Mah babee is tha purdiest of dem all!!

It’s supposed to be a cautionary tale but like Teen Mom, it’s given just enough attention to allow it to thrive. Look at the Teen Moms, making $100k per season for simply being dumb bitches!! I would shit my pants if I ever heard them actually give a shit about their kids like they care about getting their nails done, whining to their loser boyfriends and spending every penny to get their boobs fixed. Maybe it’s me becoming older and more bitter but this further supports my theory that every American should be mandated to have a license and pass a series of qualifying tests to make children. You have to learn how to drive a car, then pass a series of exams and be financially responsible for it every year, why not go through the same to raise a kid? Childcare classes aren’t mandatory?? WTF? I know from experience, this shit is HARD and I have full support. Maybe there would be less child abuse, crazy pageant Moms and poor people having too many kids *OCTOMOM I’m side-eyeing you, bitch* I get that in Ah-mur-ree-kuh we have the freedom to be complete assholes *Hi crazy eyes Michelle Bachman* but do we also have the luxury to throw common sense and the well-being of our children out the window? I’m all for Miss Teen Whore USA pageants. Let ’em slut it up on stage when they are old enough to have real tits not fake ones like these!!!


Kate + 8 *sad, dysfunctional kids*, 19 and Counting *on this woman’s uterus falling out*. TLC is one fucked up channel. The only thing I actually LEARN from this network is how stupid people really are *I REALLY didn’t know I was pregnant*. Seriously, The Little Children Exploiter Network is destroying our already endangered society. We used to have Punky Brewster and The Facts of Life as our source of entertainment. Nobody ever caught an STD on those shows. *just don’t think of hiding in an abandoned refrigerator!* Now we watch Jersey Shore, Real *Bitchy* Housewives and Hoarders, what’s next? The I’m seriously taking a shit channel? There is a thin line that parents are crossing and our children are suffering for it. I crave for the day that the Scripps National Spelling Bee gets as many viewers as Keeping up with the who gives a shit? Kardashians! I won’t hold my breath, that’s as likely as Mtv actually showing MUSIC VIDEOS videos again.

Sorry for the rant, the insanity has just got to stop.

I hear ya Susan, not sure if anyone else does.

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