Elias’ Nightmare Before Christmas Birthday Party

I am so tired so I’m gonna load the photos and add captions later. We had so much fun we have to take a nap now. Happy 1st Birthday Elias!

Antz made this amazing Mayor hat for me

Of course we began the day with a screening of NBC for Liv, she really liked it
I made this “Sally” dress on Thursday night. Thank goodness it was supposed to have a ragged look

Antz kept it simple with his Jack mask

The park was a hidden gem in Glendale. It was awesome weather.

Liv and the Birthday boy

Leslie is the Queen of pinatas!! She ordered this Zero, but it turned out wonky, she did a fantastic job.

Swag bags!

The food was delish, I was expecting yummy from the chef parents.

How incredible is this cake? I’m sure my wedding cake was smaller. They had it made at Cake Sentsations. I need to pay them a visit.

Okay, new favorite photo….courtesy of Moi!!

This was an interesting game. You break the box, the kids grab a balloon. You pop the balloon and find a number. Then the number is the order you win a prize.

Liv was #2, YAY!!
Jack Skellington mug, Whoo-hoo!

Olivia got a Barrel doll in her swag bag


Love his cake face!!!

Thanks Roxy, Alan & Elias for a rad party!!

Here’s her post nap shot with Barrel. She was heavy into a game of Angry Birds

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