Caramel Apple Par-tay!!

Holy Caramel, Batman!!!

When you first think of caramel, your like Uh, sticky, too sweet and makes my teeth hurt. But Mia bought some caramel from the Gods and boy was it tasty!! I’m talking buttery, pretty much what you imagine a Butterbeer from Harry Potter would taste like. So we were all caramel apple virgins but Mia’s roomie Nick seemed to be the dip master. She had all kinds of delicious goodies to put on the apples *like Pinkberry* and 3 girls, Kaia Bug, Bianca and Liv, provided the chefs entertainment. I say this everytime I go over there, her house is amazing!!

I love her chalkboard wall. Antz drew this portrait last summer!!

The girl’s had their own party

I used a hammer to put in the sticks. I only hit my thumb once

Liv pretty much jacked this Yo Gabba Gabba boombox from Kaia. It’s awesome, I’m getting her one this weekend.

Adam’s pyramid apple
Paris’s came out perfect
So yummy!

oreo, butterfinger, mashmellows, raisinettes, peppermint, coconut and almonds
My little apple

I forgot my Nikon at home so I used the Canon, sorry these turned out so blurry

I had a wonderful time. I think I’ll have a Crafty Ladies party some time in January. Now I must get some shut eye. Liv has a birthday party tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to show you her outfit. The theme is Nightmare Before Christmas!!

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