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It is cold in Los Angeles.

really cold…

Like our heater has been on all-day, everyday *don’t want to even think of our electric bill*. Wearing long sleeves/pants pajamas and I won’t go anywhere in the house without my electric blanket *not limited to the bathroom* Last Sunday I got a reality check when we went shopping for our Winter clean-up. I was so hot from the cleaning and lifting furniture, when I got dressed I put on my chambray skirt, a short sleeve tee, my orange hoodie and my ballet flats. This is my regular outfit for running errands, but as we were looking for parking it dawned on me, it’s fucking freezing outside! Every single person was wearing pants, boots and a heavy coat. I looked like an alien walking around with my bare legs and ballet shoes. Even ladies in skirts had on tights and boots. Sooooo…long story short *too late*

This broad needs to invest in a winter wardrobe. I am so used to 5 days out of 4 months of cold weather so I skate by with sweaters and my Ugg boots. Well, last night we went to Dave’s birthday party and I was wishing I had a nice pair of tall flat boots. I wore my standard outfit

how much to you love the lighting? I kinda love how my legs have disappeared.

But it was raining and I was lucky I only had to run from the car to the theater. So I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of boots. Not such an easy task for me since I suffer from cankles and extremely large calves. I also am looking for a comfortable flat heeled boot. The only candidate I’ve found so far is this fancy lady

Betsey Johnson 'Rallly' Boot

Betsey Johnson ‘Rallly’ Boot

I am so completely in love with these prairie style boots. The length, the laces, the ruffles…oh Betsey!! The saddest part is Nordstrom is sold out of my size *as are Zappos and Amazon, I checked* So now I must wait until they email me and hope they get more sizes in stock. Such is my life…waiting, waiting, impatiently waiting!

I took advantage of Gap’s 35% off winter sale and bought some needed warmies. I am aware I am wearing out stripes but I do love this dress!! I know it’s similar to my red striped dress but I got a speck of bleach on it, so its now become a house dress.

Striped ponte dress
Striped buttoned boatneck T
Pointelle ballet-neck sweater
I also stocked up on boy short undies and socks for me, jammies for Liv 
Girl in Paris footed One piece

I couldn’t resist this coat this adorable guy to replace the adorable red wool peacoat she’s on the verge of not fitting.

Ruffled Trench Coat

I have my eye on this trench for myself and I just realized now it’s quite matchy-matchy with Liv. I almost bought it yesterday when Gap had a 60% off outerwear sale. Sadly this guy was not on sale and I don’t want to pay $98 for it.

Mac Jacket

It comes in camel but I have always had an aversion to buying a beige trench coat for myself. It just feels to 1940’s detective to me. I promise to try not to wear them simultaneously!

Dave’s party was rad. The theater was very posh. We hung out at the bar and had cocktails and hor d’oeuvres. It was pricey but awesome. The Muppets was non-surprisingly cheesy however I thought the Toy Story short they showed before the movie was cute.

Cocktail Hour, I had 2 Lemon Drops
The birthday boy & Nadia

My sweet potatoe fries were delish
Our very own theater, very cozy
Antz ordered flatbread
The chairs were crazy. I pushed the button and this guy comes and brings you food, drinks even a blanket *which I needed with my inappropriate attire*
The best part, Sprinkles cupcakes
Happy Happy Birthday Dave!

 I’m singing in the rain!

And Thanks to Debra for bebesitting!!

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