T’was the Friday before Christmas

And all through the mall, folks were acting like damn fools!! I had to run errands early this morning to pick up our traditional Christmas treats and I thought I walked into the apocalypse. I swear I saw a knife fight in the packing lot and an old lady cut in front of me in line and muttered “cunt” under her breath. Why do people act like assholes at the holidays? Sheesh people, there’s this great invention called the internet. I did 95% of my holiday shopping online and even with a few glitches *yeah you, amazon* I got everything on my list last week. Oh well, some folks will never learn. Somehow I made it out alive with my yummy treats.

New fancy schmancy tablecloth from the FABulous yard sale
I love her Parisian jammies
Watch this!!

We visited my Mommy in Vallee d’Pomme. It was COLD!! We had a great time but my lovely cut his hand trying to catch a falling wine glass. I still think he needs stitches but he claims he’s fine. Ouch!

Last night we saw Tin Tin in 3D and it was not as bad as I expected. It was definitely a kid’s flick but we liked it. I have a date with Aimee tomorrow to see Young Adult so I am catching up on my must- see movies. Hopefully we’ll squeeze some time to see Carnage, Shame and We Need to Talk About Kevin. This coming week we are booked solid, Legoland, playdate, work on our bedroom makeover. I may not post as frequently as I’d like but I’ve got a surprise post planned that I am super excited about. I wish you a Happy Hannukah, Christmas and Fucking Rad New Year!!

My Christmas wish has come true….

Portlandia will be back in January!!! Yippeee!!

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