Netflix Night

We invited Mia, Adam, Kaia & Coleridge over for a screening of Midnight in Paris *my review is below* and snacks galore. Mia made a scrumptious gingerbread rice crispy cake.

All kinds of yum!
I made grilled cheese hearts, berries, hummus & chips

These girls were ridiculously cute
Olivia made sure to feed her guest

Mommies in Jammies

The film was visually beautiful. Holy shit do I love Paris. 

The movie almost felt like a distraction. I just wanted to stare at the lovely Tuileries Gardens, Place de la Concorde, Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Notre Dame and Versailles. The puces *flea market* scenes were gorge. I was thinking to myself, how did we visit Paris and not go to Montmartre or take a cruise on the Seine at dusk? I want to go tomorrow!! Well, this was the first Woody Allen film I’ve seen without him starring in it. Owen Wilson tried his best to manifest Woody’s neurotisism but he wasn’t strong enough as the male lead for me. Marion Cotillard was stunning as always. 
 The concept was interesting, being able to travel to a period of time in history with the knowledge you have now. I would definitely head to London during the Swingin’ 60s yet Antz brought up a good point; every period of history had it’s troubles.

Tonight was fun but I am super tired. I would love to stay up late and pore over Bri Emery’s Design Love Fest 

Rue – design loft fest from Son of Shark Pig on Vimeo.

I am girl crushing on Bri, hard! It inspires me to finish our damn bedroom!!

Yet, I am ready to cuddle with my lovelies.
 Nighty Nights

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