Weekend Catch Up, wait…it’s Friday?

I know I am quite late for a weekend post but I left our camera in Liv’s diaper bag in my car for the past few days so this morning I finally remembered to take it out. We enjoyed our 3 day weekend, we kinda hung out at home, vegging out and took a lovely, long walk around my fave place *A to the V* then Sunday we had yummy brunch at Cindy’s diner.

This place is rumored to be the West coast version of Dean & Deluca. I’m looking forward to their opening once they sort out the city/parking issues

My favorite time of day is outdoors just before sunset

I can drink without a straw if I want to
Hmmm, Waffles???
Watch me make this Mickey pancake….disappear!

we’ve got to work on her portions

We love going there, everytime we go, Liv seems to be reaching a new milestone. Lately, she’s been feeding herself unassisted and drinking from cups without a straw. Later we met Terry, Morgan, Kieran and their dog Lou at a park in Eagle Rock for an hour. I love hanging out with them!

Sandy but fun times
Liv tried to join these “big girls” party but they weren’t likin’ it

Silly face

The Amazing Fearless Liv!
Piece of cake
Kieran is turning 2 this Saturday!!

Hugs not Drugs! Liv is such a random hugger

I was sure it was going to rain but it was sunny and lovely. We finished the day with a visit to Grandma’s where Aunt Clinnie gave Liv a pair of glasses *sans lens* to model

Love the bookworm look

Listen up guys, I’m going to read to you now
It was so funny cause whenever she put on the glasses she became really quiet and serious
What a scholar!

We are going to Kieran’s birthday party this weekend at Train Town *choo, choo!* Sunday is the Oscars so I will be beautifying Nic and hopefully mingling with A-list celebs at her hotel. I’m so excited, her gown is gorgeous and I can’t wait to post photos of her and Ale.

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