A walk in our hood

Surprise, this morning I was planning to run some Friday errands when I saw that Antz accidentally left Liv’s car seat in his car, D’oh! Since it turned into a lovely afternoon, we hoofed it the 4 blocks to the Post Office. Liv was happily meandering along, checking out the new shops, and ducking from the smoke clouds made by the out-of-work hipsters who babysit a cappuccino while sitting with their legs crossed in the teeny chairs all day outside of Cafe de Leche. I guess she was feeling tired and sleepy on the walk back home because she totally refused to walk home. Yet she cried when I carried her. She has been conked out for the past 2 1/2 hours!

Liv was fascinated by this graffiti, I have no idea what it says “Lanv Gurb?”
Doing her hipster impression

California coffee, imported from Oregon
Excited for this place to open *love this font!*

Thank goodness this pet shop closed, it was the creepiest shop I’ve ever been to. They only sold pigeons and birdseed and Norman Bates ran the place.
It is always packed at this bar, day or night
The food smelled yummy in the York

New gallery/furniture store/design studio the 4th to open on York

Don’t let the sign fool you, this bakery is gross, I went inside and it smelled like socks more than fresh baked goods,

This new restaurant is coming soon
Liv having her brat-attack
No animal products menu, hmmm?
Highland Park, food truck mecca

I am feeling so much love for my hood. Now hurry up and build the new park on the corner!!

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