Crafty at Anthropologie

Bri, Liz & Jen holding my banner

Yesterday was pretty rad, Kim and I went to a crafting event hosted by Bri Emery of *DesignLoveFest* & Jen Gotch of ** at Anthropologie at The Americana. Kim and I made magnificent inspiration banners. I brought a ton of stuff to use for mine *photos, postcards, my Girl Scout camp badges* We had a FABulous time in spite of my camera sucking balls. I got some decent shots *I was nerding out in a major way* but missed out on some great ones. It was cute girl overload at the store. I even asked a few adorable girls for a photo for the blog. Their haircuts were super awesome and reminded me of the BFF. I am pretty sure I’m going to the Chic Entertaining Ideas event hosted by Joy of *ohjoy* in April.

Big yellow balloons make me happy happy

I love Kim’s silly face
They had really fun stuff to work with provided by knot & bow
My banner in progress

Kim is going to finish hers at home, I know she’ll make it all fresh and junk
Bri was super nice and just as awesome as her blog is
I look like such a dork
This little girl came up with the cute idea to add glitter inside the balloons

ann shen’s postcards
Fabulous golden animals provided by angela+ithyle

Yummy alcohol-free Mojitos
Hors d’oeuvres
This girl wins at being adorable, she was sweet too
cute girls
I am considering buying this Let them eat cake vase, it’s just mega cute

One day, I hope to own these lovely dishes

Anthro kills me! Every square inch is filled with lovey things and smells

Kim & I had a yummy dinner at Frida’s

Kim enjoying her Black Cherry Mojito
I had a delish sangria
Interesting Fact: Kim is a Pescatarian *she loves her some fish*
My tacos con pollo, el blurry!!
Hot air balloons are so awesome
I’m dying over how adorable the rainbow staircase is at Madewell
Super cute windows at Crewcuts

I bought this lovely necklace with my gift card from Aimee, Merci Beaucoup Bestie!!!

Stellar evening!!

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