Hungray Gamers

I went into this film with my usual cynical, unenthusiastic attitude. I knew it wouldn’t be as painful as the twitards but I am bummed it’s such a blatant Battle Royale *which is kick-ass!* ripoff!

The Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter trailer was pretty sweet. Hungry Teens had a decent start. I was annoyed by the overwhelmingly fugly Nicki Minaj dressed extras and what’s up with the overly-responsible, serious kids in this movie. I was with Primrose, if they told me I had to fight 23 other kids to the death, I would be having major panic attacks too. Katnap or whatever her name was, seemed like she could give a fuck through the whole thing. Antz was distracted by Woody-I’m-stoned-all-the-time-Harrelson’s wiggy. I wanted to know the name of Lenny Kravitz’s gold liner. Whenever I see him I hear someone shout “Get it, Gurl!” I’ll let the secret out, the unknown star of this film is Stanley Tucci’s fake teeth. The villian was whoever shaved Wes Bentley’s horrible douchetasche! So, of course it’s the typical heroine wins at everything cliche film and it was a half an hour too long for me but entertaining enough. The last movie we saw was We Need to Talk About Kevin, which I loved, so I needed something with a little more optimism. Thanks Mommy for Livsitting for us!!

Oh! I finally saw Carnage. SOO GOOD! It could be that I adore Roman *date rape* Polanski, the amazing cast *Jodie Foster, John C. Reilly, Kate Winslet and bad-ass Christoph Waltz* but also the superb writing. I highly recommend it, even though Antz fell asleep during it as he does any movie lacking explosions or aliens. So, enough of my lame film critic-ness. After the movie we hightailed it across town to pick up dinner from our favorite BBQ place. We had Terry, Morgan and Kieran come over for some meat and playtime with the kids *I just realized how gross that sounds, sorry*. Now I must bid you adieu, I’m pretty sleepy from the BBQ-itis and I’m ready to hit the sack. Liv hasn’t napped all day so we all need to go nighty nights!

Playing in the backyard this morning
Olivia is OBSSESSED with peeling and eating clementines
Our jasmine is blooming in all its glory, it smells sooo lovely!
Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

Terry & Morgan brought us delish vintage pop

Cool Color coordinated peeps
Don’t worry, Morgan caught them
They are such big kids now

Love that face!!
Kieran was having a no photos please moment

I die when they hug!!

He totally knocked her down for the kiss but they were fine!!
Before I go… Check out how big our caterpillar Milt is now!!!

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