Tired of Being Sexy

Don’t worry, I’m not tired of being sexy at all, that is the translation of the Brazilian band CSS *Cansei de Ser Sexy* that Aimee, her son Holden and I saw last night at The Observatory. They were amazing!


The venue was deep in the OC *yuck* and the first 2 opening bands sucked. Aimee and I went apeshit when CSS was on. We danced and dorked out. I filled up my iphone with pictures and video and of course, it wouldn’t be Liz fashion to have non-blurry photos. I actually have to take credit, I was dancing and jumping around so much I didn’t have much of a steady hand. Enjoy

My rawk face
Loading up on pre-show snacks. WTH is Holden drinking?
Uh, Talapia & the Fleas?
Just wow!
Ready for some fucking CSS!!!
You can’t tell but that’s a CSS pin on my hat
This is how teenagers rock out
My BFF is so damn cute!!
White Arrows *aka we sound just like Vampire Weekend*

Lovefoxxx is amazing!!!!

 Music is my HOT, HOT SEX!!!! my favorite song

Crowd surfing

Rocking Out!
Aren’t they adorable?

It was an awesome show, I didn’t get home till after 1. I must go to more shows!!! Oh! Wasn’t  the season premiere of Mad Men wonderful?

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