Hither & Thither

We had a fun, busy weekend!

Scruffin Rock class!
Running fast as lightening

Julie played a song by Yann Tiersan *whom I adore* from the Amelie soundtrack and this cute song from Mad Men, which has been in my head for days now.

It was a rainy day
I am obsessed with Instagram lately

Lovely garden
Swimming lessons at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center

I swam laps while Antz and Liv enjoyed her lesson, the water was as warm as a bath
This guy was hilarious, he spoke with a thick German accent and he kept talking to me about his 9 grandchildren and how he swims everyday to stay in shape. He was 65 and FABulous!

Our beach, where were got married, Topanga State Beach
The one great thing about not going to Coachella *possibly the only thing* is the city is empty, we had the beach all to ourselves

It was crazy windy but amazing!

Uhh, dinner?

What a beautiful day!

We happened to drive past Caine’s Arcade. Apparently business is doing well!
We have been to this park before but it was closed for renovations. We slipped past the already broken fencing to check out the playground *seen in the Weather episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!* it was awesome to have the place all to ourselves but creepy

The new landscape and pathways are lovely
This park always reminds me of Hanna-Barberra cartoons.

So, I guess we were in The Spits territory?

It may look like she slid down at a neck-breaking speed but she actually had to scoot down in super slow motion. The concrete has deteriorated over the years leaving the slides with no slide power. Good thing they are renovating.
In remembrance of the Titanic
This park is awesome but it needs a lot of TLC
Liv was too afraid to go inside the lighthouse, I don’t blame her
That’s SAN Gabriel, not SAD!

We headed home and had dinner before heading back out for the Nela Art Walk. We checked out a few spots and saw our friend at Matters of Space but the art has been disappointing for the last 2 months. Fewer people showed up and less galleries were open and the biggest attraction for the walk, an enormous art gallery/warehouse, has been closed. I hope they didn’t go out of business.

This former art gallery is a soon to be a Curio shop called Pop-Hop

Aimee has been wanting to check out this cute Vintage store Urchin
The Highland Cafe is now open and it was pretty packed inside. They are serving breakfast and lunch. I still love Cafe de Leche.

Lovely abandoned real estate office
I almost bought this dress from Mi Vida for Liv, maybe for school shopping.

Boo for being closed!

I love the interior of this place

Metal band at the Circa Studios

As we were leaving we heard about 5 bands performing. I hate to say it, but the walk has lost it’s charm since the first time we went. I guess we have officially worn it out. It could also be most folks were out of town at Coachella and hopefully it will pick up again in the summer months.

This morning Liv did something I used to do all the time as a kid.

It was just nice and warm enough for playing in the sprinklers. That’s how you roll when you don’t have a pool. Now it’s naptime. Taa-tah lovelies!

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