The verdict

After some serious taste testing with regular milk and *chock milk* as Liv calls chocolate milk, Kieran and Olivia *along with Terry and I* have decided the rainbow cake is a hit. I used cream cheese frosting which looks yellowish so I didn’t have the crisp white I wanted but boy was it yummers.


We only ate half the cake so there will be plenty for the three of us in Palm Springs. Even though the slices are small, with so many layers, it’s filling. I’m stoked to try it again in 2 weeks. I may bake some mini cupcakes for her dance class since she’s going the Friday before her birthday, depending on how busy I’ll be prepping for our trip.

Today we went to Scruffin’ Rock and took a nice long walk after. Liv has been liking murals lately.


sunkissis via Instagram



I love how she’s intrigued by art *future museum curator*  Tomorrow we’re going to an art show opening that has like 8 of our talented friend’s art featured. It’s a Just Desserts theme which is more than appropriate.

I can’t believe it’s almost summertime! I am ready for new bedding and this Orla Kiely bedding set has my name all over it. I am still kicking myself for missing her homewares line at Target a couple of years ago so I may have to jump on this *with my 20% coupon, of course*

As excited I am for June to get here, it’s gonna be a busy month. We are going to our friend’s Carlos & Stephanie’s baby shower, swimming lessons, Father’s Day and Antz birthday will keep me busy. Our nephew and niece are expecting a baby in June and Liv’s pre-school is having a Summer Serenade Morrocan Masquerade party. I will be making masks for the whole family.

This made me pee my pants!! Happy Weekend lovelies!

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