Just Desserts

You know, as much as I love technology, it can be a cruel, unreliable bitch. I have no idea why a witch has cursed me with drama-related bullshit with me and electronics. In a way I suppose everyone has their issues, some have boy troubles, others have crackhead drug drama but me, it’s the gadgets.

PLEASE, lift the spell, I just want my shit to work!!

I bought this Mac Air so I would never again have to deal with spyware, wonky software or sluggish speed *score: Dell 3 – Liz 0* I was hoping a Mac would be an upgrade *all the graphic artists I know use them after all* So far it’s been a rocky relationship. I had to take it for service just 3 weeks out of the box and my old hard drive died on the very same day I was transferring all my old data *what a coincidence, right?* then as the Best Buy dude was restoring my new Mac, he informed me I had already filled up the 128GB memory with the 20,000+ photos I had…grrrr! I ended up buying a larger memory/laptop and spent another $400. I have been in heaven ever since but now that I have my brand new beautiful *never been dropped!!* Nikon J1 camera, the drama has returned. We went to swimming lessons this morning and Antz figured out how to take the continuous snaps that I wanted to make stop motion videos, so we played around with it taking over 300 shots. This evening we went to the Just Desserts art show opening our friend Mary was curating so we took another 100 or so more shots.

Liv wore her chocolate cupcake beanie but was not in a smiley mood

Everything was hunky dory until I tried to upload the photos. I am getting most of the shots uploading black….may I present exhibit A

Void, darkness & nothing

This was once an adorable photo of Antz holding Olivia. I checked Apple support and as usual, it’s useless. Antz thinks I should take my computer in to have them look at it but they always tell me they have to restore it to factory settings and I can’t take losing any data *all 20,000 photos, 10,000 songs, 5 movies, and my Office files* I’m palpitating just thinking about it. I am such a bad-luckington with these things. It’s really not fair. I spend all this money and still have ghetto results. Excuse me while I go cry on my pillow. Oh! and it’s no fault of the J1 camera, I uploaded all 388 photos on Antz computer just fine. I’m also having some issues with uploading photos with the old Nikon too. ¿Por qué?

Here’s the photos I managed to upload, I’m posting them now since this may be the last you hear from me.

I have a freaky phobia of AT-ATs but this one I like

I’d love to show off my friend’s pieces but sadly I can’t upload them on my computer. I’ll try to do it on Antz computer as some point. Le Sigh

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