Liv’s 2nd Birthday Rainbow Party

When I say we had a RAINBOW party, I’m serious!! The Saguaro went above and beyond my expectations. As we were checking in, Andrew casually asked me if we were celebrating any special event. I went on and on about Liv’s rainbow themed birthday party and showed him all my props and decor. He asked me if she liked anything in particular so I said Liv is obsessed with Peter Pan. Do you wanna know he stopped by our room with a gift for Olivia from the Disney Store! I was so excited I completely forgot to take photos. My Mom was taking photos with our old Nikon, but of course they turned out blurry and lame. The weather was scorching, 110 – 106 degrees!! However Antz was happy lounging in our air-conditioned room. We had a blast, I hope to return to the lovely Saguaro again soon. It’s definitely one of my favorite hotels. 

We are super stoked about Liv turning two!!  

Blowing out her candles
I started the trip with a major whoopsie, on the freeway I realized I
forgot the spatula to frost the cake but no big deal, we stopped at
Marshall’s to meet my Mom on the way to PS and so I decided to buy a
cheap icing knife. Then when I go to find my wallet, guess who left it *with all our cash* at home?  D’OH! I had to drive all the way back home *1 hour roundtrip* to pick it up. We didn’t get back on the road until 2:45, Boo! We
arrived in Palm Springs a little after 4pm. This delay threw off my
entire schedule so we didn’t finish decorating the room until 6pm. My
Godfather Leon, who lives in Rancho Mirage, came over to join us for
cake and watched Liv open her presents. We finally went to dinner at
9:30. We devoured sushi and sake. My Mom spent the night since it was so
late. Liv received so many lovely gifts *thanks everyone!* and she ate her fill of rainbow cake *a little too much*
Enough talk, it’s time for the famous photobomb. Enjoy!!

First stop, DINOSAURS!!!
Dino toe jam!
Harry & Wills (the magic two-headed dragon) had to make an appearance
Check the temp!! YIKES!
YAY!!! We’re here
Thanks to my lovely hubs for making this frame for me. I LOVE IT!!!
Hey Mom, quit matching my awesome Missoni luggage, dang!
Checking in with my homey Andrew
I’ve had tasty spa water before but this was the best fucking water I’ve ever had. We drank like half the pitcher!
Colorful Lobby
Silly Grammy
The place was a maze of Skittles
She always falls asleep right before we get out of the car
I’m only an itty bitty sad they didn’t have a pink room for us. Our orange room was FABulous!
If anyone knows how to take better shots of a room please tell me, these photos don’t really show how FABulous the room was


Obligatory bed jump
The Saguaro is a lovely, colorful, fun hotel.
My Mom and my Godpoppa, Leon
So I went through all that trouble to find a giant number 2 silver balloon. Guess what? That shit popped on the drive to PS in my Mom’s car. BOO!! Super lame. I still have some more balloons leftover that we didn’t take because we didn’t have any room in the car. All that survived was this lousy silver star but Liv enjoyed playing with it.

Oy! Icing the cake was a major pain in the ass. Even though I had my magic spatula, it didn’t turn out like I expected at all.

Liv loved it nonetheless
The birthday book is a keepsake we fill out every year. Next year we’ll be throwing her first party at home, I’m already planning. Stop looking at me crazy, Antz!!




The heat turned my cake into a leaning tower, oh well!
Opening her rad, rainbow gifts
Liv went ape shit for her new scooter from Godmommy Aimee
Daddy giving Liv a lesson
Do you hear the Evel Knievel Theme music?
I LOVE her tiny Paul Frank helmet
Bye Liv!
YAY! Andrew delivering Liv’s present
Cocktails at El Jefe
Now Olivia thinks all candles are for blowing out
Mmmmm, more spa water
Good Morning Palm Springs
I couldn’t stop taking photos of the colorful landscape, this hotel is so much fun!
I cannot believe she still fits this guy, last time she used it she was 4 weeks old!
Built-in floatation devices
Here’s Dolly, We’ve named her “Clementine” on behalf of Liv
rainbow shoes
My felt heart garland looks it belongs in the room
I asked Liv to join me in this photo, she said no thanks and rode off on her scooter.
 My absolute favorite wine!
Pinterest is online porn for girls!
My kid is super rad

Liv had a blast running around the lawn

I adore this family of mine
Farewell Saguaro, I’ll miss you!

So we headed over to the hipster Ace.
It’s not as nice as I thought it would be. It’s sort of run down and
rustic. I like taxidermy and junk but I prefer clean, modern hotels. I
would definitely eat at the King’s Highway diner and I love their retro photo booth.
The Ace didn’t do it for me like my rainbow-licious Saguaro.

Next time I return I must ride a pink Vespa!
Our photos turned out BANAYNAYS!!
She was knocked out and sweaty, haha!

Happy Happy Birthday to the raddest little girl ever. Je t’aime beau!

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