Scruffin Rock Pre-Birthday Party

Antz took off today so he could accompany Liv and me to Scruffin Rock class. I bought mini-cupcakes from Fresh & Easy *taking the wise advice of my hubby that I was too insanely tired to bake last night* and everyone seemed to enjoy them. I crossed off everything on my list today *except make her rainbow cake, which I’m doing this evening and pack/load the car* We had a super busy day, Liv picked up some awesome birthday gifts from her Padrinos and Kieran. We had a lovely lunch with Terry catching up about their trip to Hawaii. I can’t believe it’s birthday time already!!



Party Time!


She didn’t want to wear her awesome crown during class
Liv kinda had a meltdown when the class sang Happy Birthday. She was totally distracted by her Dad being in class.


Godmommy Leslie always outdoes herself in the creative realm. She hid balloons inside this rainbowtastic box and each layer Liv found a gift.


I admit, I spazzed out when I saw the pillow!



Les picked this guy up from her trip to Alaska last week *celebrating her 13th wedding anniversary!!*
I died when I saw this guy, MEGA RAD!!
Visiting Story *she’s like half her size*
Dad’s job is a fun place to visit
Kieran gave Liv a beautiful Hawaiian dress, he also custom drew her wrapping paper! FANTASTIC

Well, I’m not sure if I’ll have time to blog over this amazing weekend but I’ll be back with thousands of photos for sure. I can’t believe another year have passed in the blink of an eye. I get teary looking back at how little our baby was on her first birthday. The Vans we bought before she was born now fits her doll’s feet and she’s wearing a size 8!! 

Happy Happy weekend Lovelies.

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