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The Palms has raised the bar for my jet-setting. The first time Antz and I went to Vegas was way back in 1998 when I turned 21. We stayed at the freaking gross Motel 6, a block from the Tropicana. We couldn’t even afford the crappiest hotel on the strip. Now around about a dozen stays later, I don’t know if I can go back to a lousy standard hotel room. I am all about the sweets suites!! It’s like having your first mani/pedi, there’s no way you’ll want to do your own nails again, ever! Antz and I agree, we could live there. Maybe one day we could have a lovely vacation condo at Palms Place.

Our Salon Suite

Fantasy Tower Salon Suite Living Room

Ah, the pleasures of a whirlpool jet tub, a separate loo and shower in a bathroom the size of our living room. I already miss the fantastic water pressure at the hotel *I took about 5 showers in 24 hours*

Fantasy Tower Salon Suite Bathroom

Then the bed…SHEER HEAVEN!

Fantasy Tower Salon Suite

My photos don’t do it justice.

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Shouldn’t all bathrooms have tellys in them?

I know it’s lame to get excited over a toilet but a Toto toilet is the créme de la créme of toilet comfort!
The jets made her bubbles go ba-nay-nays!

Pretty awesome vending machine, Dr Dre Beats headphones, Stila makeup sets, land of random products.
I really wanted this guy!
Sadly the pool was closed for a private event


It was hot as blazes, like 115°!!
Still my fave place in Vegas. Hip, young crowd, few douchebags, and even fewer obnoxious tourists and super nice and friendly staff.


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