Renegade Craft Fair 2012


Magnolia Photo Booth

We took the Metro train to the fair which is fun and convenient. It was lovely weather but still pretty hot. My brilliant hubby made these mini signs to hand out as our etsy cards since last year everyone asked us for business cards.

Aren’t these the sweetest?! We put a label on the back with our esty shop info and a mini pouch to hold the chalk.





Waiting patiently on her dice for the train





I wanted to buy EVERYTHING!





This was super genius, all these guys are gourds!



Hope I won’t regret not buying the bacon studs!






Best packaging ever




This Deer Ol’ Chunk antique plate unfortunately did not come home with me. This precious little dish was $52!! I do love it so much and one day I hope to own it. Sorry this is blurry, I notice that I shake when I get excited.


Holy Balls this butter crunch was so delish!!
We bought a bag of the wicked awesome brittle in Almond Rosemary flavor. So good!!














Liv enjoying her strawberry lemonade popsicle, she totally wouldn’t share with us























This Foxy guy looks like Liv’s Foxy dress!
Somehow I showed restraint and I only got a pair of these adorable earrings and we found the perfect birthday present for an upcoming party.


These girls were too cute


Liv wore her wings and got tons of compliments. One of the best parts of the Craft fair are the people. We meet the nicest folks and everyone is super friendly and smiley. I even got an inquiry if we shipped to London. Here’s the lame part, I officially suck in the camera department. I brought my Nikon J1. As you can see things were going well, I was getting decent shots, the lighting was okay and I didn’t have to carry a 20 lb camera with tons of parts. All was good until my battery died. Not really a big deal cause I had my backup battery, so I popped that guy in…and found out that battery was dead too. WTF? How in the hecks did I forget to charge my backup battery. Two dead batteries and no room on my iphone for photos left me camera-less for the remainder of the fair. BOO! Yet another lesson learned, the night before charge everything, TWICE! When we go somewhere awesome, I always end up with camera drama, really not fair. Here’s a few photos I got using Instagram.




It’s weird my sign ended up backwards, it says Violently Happy in case you can’t read backwards. We had a fun time but the first time we went was definitely radder. How nutso is little Liv a year ago? She’s like a teenager now. Nighty Nights!

PS Yikes, the men’s gymnastics teams are falling all over the place, watching them is giving me a heart attack. I always feel horrible when they fall but then I’m like, “DON’T MESS UP!!

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