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Le Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen

Bonsoir amis, There is a huge antique (Brocantes) flea market in Northern Paris. You have to walk through a few blocks of fake flea markets before you find the real one. I’m talking really tacky jeans, shady looking jewelry and cheap knock-off designer sunglasses. There are guys also selling “Chanel” perfume and unboxed cell phones… Continue reading Le Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen

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Life in Paris: Month Deux

Bonjour mes amis, It has already been two months since our arrival in Paris! I cannot tell you how fast this time has flown by. We exchanged our house in LA with a sweet French couple in Nation (12th arrondissement) for the first two months so we could have time to apartment hunt. I am… Continue reading Life in Paris: Month Deux

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Less Plastic, more experiences!

This post is a good follow up to Liv’s bedroom makeover since that was a result of my new mind-set after having an epiphany from reading the (seriously) Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I love to shop; from finding the perfect item, to getting best online bargain and that high from discovering packages on my porch. Olivia definitely has gotten… Continue reading Less Plastic, more experiences!

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Hither & Thither in Paris

Life in Paris is vastly different than in the States. Here, walking is the main mode of transportation, next the Metro and only if you are in a hurry do you take a taxi. We have logged many miles walking all over town and it’s crazy how close to everything we are. It took some… Continue reading Hither & Thither in Paris

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Let’s get down to essentials

I’m talking wardrobe. I saw this post on Say Yes and it got me thinking about how to edit my own wardrobe. 12 Wardrobe Essentials for Every Budget When I look in my closet, I always feel like I have nothing to wear. I also have been feeling like I wear the exact same thing… Continue reading Let’s get down to essentials

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My DIY Midi skirt

I mentioned here all about my love affair with midi length skirts/dresses. You see, they are perfection for me, I am a giant. Someone of my stature can always use more length yet a maxi dress looks like I’m swimming in fabric *ie:a tent* Midi is in between your knees and your shins. Finally I… Continue reading My DIY Midi skirt

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Want/Make/Do for our Home

Since we are almost coming up on our Eight year house anniversary and the one year anniversary of our kitchen remodel, it seems time to plan our next project. I don’t have any major renovations happening this year. We would love to do a ton of things in the living room/dining room but we have… Continue reading Want/Make/Do for our Home

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Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market 2013

Okay, last weekend it was freezing cold, raining cats and dogs, yet today it was scorching hot. I was all bundled up and looking forward to wintery weather today. We took the train to downtown LA and bumped into our friend Connie on the way to the Renegade Craft Fair. Guess what? It’s fucking HOT!!… Continue reading Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market 2013