Liv’s Lemonade Stand

Hello There,

I finally have a moment to catch up after a busy last few weeks. Liv has been requesting to have a lemonade stand for months but we wanted to wait until it was closer to summer. Antz outdid himself building the stand. He used pieces of wood we had left over from Liv’s Alice in Wonderland party. Liv helped him build and paint and I sewed the banners. I love how cheery it turned out!

Due to the drought, our lemon tree wasn’t doing so well. I was worried the tiny green lemons would never grow but thanks to a few rain storms our lemons exploded! Antz and Liv picked three baskets of lemons and there are still hundreds left on the tree. We had so many left over we were giving out free lemons to folks.

A few days before, Antz made these amazing flyers that we posted in coffeeshops around the neighborhood. Everyone kept asking me if I had them professionally made. I suppose I did since hubby is a pro, I’m so lucky to benefit from his talent for free!


The night before Liv and her Dad must have squeezed a million lemons. I was so stoked I grabbed the very last kids size Hedley & Bennett apron yellow at their studio sale a few months ago. Isn’t it the perfect shade for her big day?

The morning started out cloudy, all month has been gloomy weather but right around 11:30 the sun began to shine and we already had customers lined up as we began to set up.

mom lemonade stand

We brought one of our kitchen stools and I brought the frill from my Geronimo balloon.

My dear Bff Aimee and her husband were our first customers of the day. We couldn’t have picked a better spot, so many kids came out of York park and asked their parents for a cup. We had so many generous people donate without having any lemonade. Liv was so excited! She is a natural businesswoman. I’m positive her cute face helped with sales.

girl lemonade

This sweet girl only had a twenty and told Liv to keep it!!

So many of our sweet friends and family came out to support Liv. We felt like it was a party since we knew so many of our customers. Thanks guys!

clinnie lemonadegrandma lemonade

Antz sister Clinnie and his Mom came by for a visit. It was Clinnie’s birthday but she refused a complimentary cup and gave us a big donation!

kaia lemonade

Liv’s friend Kaia came by and enjoyed being Liv’s assistant. They took their job very seriously can’t you tell? Merci Mia and Kaia.

family lemonade

We stayed open for about three hours because it was getting unbearably hot. We still have a full jug of lemonade left. A coffeeshop owner friend of ours offered to buy all our lemons so that was awesome. We plan to sell more lemonade later this summer, Liv is hooked!

liv lemonade

I am so full of love for everyone who supported us in person and online. We are overjoyed to raise money for Olivia’s incredible school. Hooray for Liv the young, female entrepreneur!

Bon weekend!

California Love Art show

Antz was asked to paint a few pieces for Leanna Lin’s Wonderland for their California Love art show. He doesn’t have the time to paint like he used to so when he does finish a painting, it’s a big deal. I was bummed to discover he entered a painting I want to keep for myself but I just may buy it as a birthday gift.


Antz pieces are above him in the center (Girl in the Park & Home)

Liv in the park

Hey, that girl looks familiar!



There are so many rad things at Leanna Lin’s.

How adorable is this 16 Candles card?! (my favorite movie when I was 14!) Antz discovered his love for Jarritos soda in grapefruit.


Liv made a new friend, Foxly.


The show will be featured until April 24th and is located at:

Leanna Lin’s Wonderland
5024 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Bravo Antz!

Geronimo Confetti Surprise

I mentioned on Instagram that our Thanksgiving morning was pretty rad. Last week I got a text from my friend Jihan from Geronimo Balloons inviting us to a secret event.

She mentioned to wear clothes that can get dirty so my mind was swimming with messy scenarios: a massive food fight, paintball or even a secret graffiti party a là my hero Banksy! We arrived under a bridge in a part of downtown that I’ve never been before. We introduced ourselves to everyone and made our guesses at what was happening next. We all got in our cars and followed Jihan down a dark, scary tunnel (very dramatic) what happened next was pretty amazing…

What awaits us down this tunnel?
I’ve never been up close to the magnificent Los Angeles river
I love the architecture of this bridge

Jihan divided us into teams to compete Hunger Games style to fight to the death
First game; Pom Pom Passing, pretty hilarious (looks so pervvy)

My yellow team crushed the blue team 6 – 4!
Next up was some firecracker races (I didn’t get any photos) and Lastly was the main event… a fantastic confetti war!

We sprayed out ponchos with glue to ensure confetti insanity
Let’s say I was a confetti casualty
So glad we drove Antz truck

I kinda want to have a confetti fight everyday!
Confetti angel

It was really difficult to get Liv out of the confetti zone!

The “river” is surprisingly clean!

We then toasted our victory with lox, bagels and water

Merci Jihan, for unknowingly making one of my dreams come true!

Huzzah! What a great way to start the day. I can’t wait to find out what this incredible lady comes up with next.

PS Please don’t have a cow, the event was permitted by the city and we took care of cleaning!

Change it Up!

My goodness, what a difference furniture placement can make in a room. For the past eight years we have kept the “dining room” side of our living room in a state of boring. We used the corners to stash things behind furniture we aren’t using everyday like bags of fabric, our broken Bose speakers *I don’t know whether to have them repaired or just buy new ones* and miscellaneous junk *Nintendo Wii accessories/bags of stuff we can’t decide to keep or donate and our vote for Obama 2008 sign too* We’ve had the same modular bookcase from Target sitting in the corner somewhat collecting dust. Our bar hasn’t really been used since our Halloween party ages ago. Well, this Saturday Liv and I went to dance class solo….pause for obligatory photos


Liv has two dance personas

So we could allow Antz to sleep in *he deserves it* When we came home I was so surprised!




My new fiddle fig leaf plant looks so awesome on the bookshelf
The room looked like this before

I’m so happy to have a new home for my beautiful record player. I am super stoked about my new craft space.

Being able to stare at my world map makes me so happy
Antz is so sweet, he put my clock on Paris time because he knows that’s where my heart is.

As for all the junk that was buried in the corners, it all got pushed into another corner!

Dirty little secret stash

We are pretty stumped for where to store this necessary junk. I would love to condense our filing cabinet into this pretty one.

TPS Pink file cabinet

Problem is, this guy is 27″ tall with caster wheels and it wouldn’t fit under any of our desks. If I took off the casters, it still would be such a tight squeeze that I wouldn’t be able to open the top drawer and I doubt all of our paperwork would fit in just one drawer. I’m still searching for the right solution. I am ready to get rid of that old, bulky printer for this slim version but Antz is feeling like, the one we have works and we still need to find a dedicated space for it. Where do most folks keep things like this? Don’t say under the bed or in a closet because our closets are ridiculously stuffed and our bed has storage drawers crammed with bedding and computer supplies.

Oh, I do love the room! I am feeling inspired to paint the walls white, bring in new curtains and finally get a dining table and chairs. We shall see…

Kitchen Remodel Update Week One

Last you saw of the kitchen we were testing wall paint choices and choosing the tile for the backsplash.

Neither of these blew my skirt up.

Antz worked his butt off for the past 2 days and sanded the years of gross paint off of the cabinets. Our kitchen went from this.

To this.

I’m estimating it will take 3 weeks to finish the kitchen. I’m still not sure which wall color we will use. These cabinets are a mess. Antz said he found at least 5 layers of paint, like a jawbreaker. I can’t wait until they are painted lily white.

While I was away at my Mom’s house I ordered the new light fixture and knobs from Pottery Barn. Our poor mailman has been delivering boxes to us everyday now. Our living room is looking like a storage room.

The new cabinets are being delivered this Sunday, YAY!! All 800lbs of boxes will be in our living room until May, BOO!! Now is a good time to donate, sell and throw away. With all this kitchen talk,  I am smitten with Diana from Our City Lights amazingly bright pink Hello Kitty themed kitchen.

excuse the messy hair and the baby bump trying to make an appearance.
At Home With Diana La CounteDarling pink kitchen via A Beautiful MessHouse Tour 2
PInk credenza & Marilyn
You can read more about her kitchen over at A Beautiful Mess

I love her bold use of color and all the Hello Kitty accessories *Antz would never go for it* but I think it’s brilliant. Did you see the Royal Tenebaums artwork and the pink chalkboard door? She is my new blog crush.
Oh, isn’t it sweet to come home to something as lovely as this?

This beautiful gem is courtesy of my hubs, our world map looks quite sophisticated!

Merci mon ami!!

A love letter

Dear Antzy,

Thank you, loving husband for all that you do. You are taking the next 3 days off of work…to work in our kitchen. You send me and the bebe to my Mom’s house to have fun while you do all the dirty work that would cause us to sneeze and have itchy, red eyes. You listen to me go on endlessly about all my desires and you sweetly reassure me. You are the string attached to my balloon of ideas that keeps me grounded when I become overwhelmed with color selections, budget and light fixtures. You make possible what I think is impossible.

You are patient, kind and good.

You are one in a million and we love you so much.

We miss you!


Your Girls

E & O
P.S. I really like these knobs and pulls for the kitchen cabinets.

Valentines Day

I walked into the living room and discovered this loveliness last night. Pretty ballooooooooons & hearts!

I only wanted the red one but he got me all of them, in every color. This man understands my obsession. Thanks love!
Those photos from my iphone last night didn’t do them justice. These balloons are MAJOR, I want to walk down the street with them all day!!

I was speechless *which never, ever happens* I cried, hopped up and down and shook my hands like a crazy person. I’m still overwhelmed by Antz surprise skills. He totally got me, I was planning to go to the cart at the Grove tomorrow and whine like a puppy. You guys know me, I’m totally gonna try to rock all of my hearts at once *just kidding!*

He’s not the only sneaky one, I had a gift for him from Poketo.

He reacted the same way I did. Sike! I really love you Antz. You amaze me everyday, even after 16 years. Thanks for being a rad Valentine.

I’m a long time beanie fan, as you can see

This is my eight hundred and eighty-eighth post. It is incredible how many happy memories we have from the past 4 years. XOXO


One of my favorite David Bowie songs says it best. I am collaborating with the talented Art Director, Antz to redesign Violently Happy. We are playing around with new color palettes, fonts and streamlining the mess I had on the side. I am already in love with the fancy new header he made me. What a sweet Valentines day gift! What do you think? We have a bunch more to work on but so far me likey!

Today Liv and I headed to the Arts District in downtown LA. I bought a few sweet things from the majorly rad Poketo shop to use the gift certificate we received as our anniversary gift from Kim & Warren *thanks guys!*

It’s very hard to not want to buy everything they have. I hope to get a pair of these charming earrings on my next visit.

I couldn’t resist this hair bow. I love that it can double as a bow tie.

Leslie bought a blueberry pie from this place last summer but I have been wanting to see what they have for myself. Since it was lunch time and we hadn’t eaten, I opted for the mac & cheese pocket to split with Liv. So amazing! I couldn’t leave without getting my love a treat so I got the crostata chocolate pie. They have the yummiest pie crust I’ve ever had…and I’ve eaten several Marie Calendar’s pies!

I am all about metal chairs lately. These Marais look perfect with these dark stained tables. The perfect balance of modern and vintage. *adds to my new dining room wishlist*

The arts district has the best graffiti in town. Liv always gravitates to this mural. She like the owl.

“Look Mommy, funny!”
 We had a fantastic day.

Hope you lovelies have a happy happy Valentines day!!

Hither & Thither

We went on a random drive last Sunday with no particular itinerary. I used the Los Angeles Magazine Hidden LA issue as inspiration for our adventures. Olivia received a key to her castle *made by Papa* so we wanted to
explore outdoor places where she could play dragons and run around. We tried to discover the most hidden treasures we could before sunset.

Early morning castle storming

We found the most amazing waterfall and rock garden to explore.

Playing around with Vine

Los Angeles Police Academy Rock Gardens
Liv’s Pine cone family

We hit the park next, it was a nice sunny day.

We didn’t take a ride this time but we’ll go back soon. Parking really is a bitch in Downtown.

Antz got this perfect jump
At our favorite place, Tenno Sushi for lunch
MOCA LA Book Fair
Awesome title!
How we ended up here, I don’t know but I picked up some fancy mints from the gift shop so I could snoop around

 Dinner with Aimee at Jerry’s Deli

Bits and pieces from the last few days

A visit to the pediatrician *all is well*
Her Adidas are still a smidge too big, but I love them
Helping Mommy with the grocery shopping

A lovely shop/coffee place we popped into
Everywhere I go, a fox seems to find me

Man, I really need to dig through the back of my closet more often. I found this oldie but goodie.

Mister Sparkle, I’ll always love you!

So this weekend will be a good one. We got NELA art walk/bar crawl *dranks!* and…

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! *hopefully you said that in the Monster truck show dude’s voice* This is happening. I don’t want to jinx it or further upset my anxiety so I’ll let you know how it goes. This is Liv’s first official casting call so I hope she’s chosen from the herd. Problem is she’s two and a half, she doesn’t like to cooperate most the time and is very clingy to her Dad which can cause shyness around adult strangers. I’ll have a bag of bribes with me and let’s hope the other kids there will bring out her outgoing personality.

OH! Today I got tickets to THE CREAM! I’m dragging my engaged friend Jess with me to check out all the wedding goodies. If I were a bride-to-be today, I would be engaged for five years because it would be impossible to plan my wedding. So many rad vendors will be there, I will be in heaven. I am hoping a certain lovely bearded/curly-haired gentleman has gotten my millions of hints that I’ve Facebooked/tweeted/emailed/pinned and whispered in his ear that I’m hoping to get Hearts for Valentine’s Day. I rule at subtlety.

Happy Christmas Eve!

Antz spent all day today working in Santa’s workshop building a little girl’s present. I can’t wait to see her face when she sees it tomorrow morning *it’s much to big to wrap* Since she doesn’t follow my blog yet, I think it’s safe to share a few pics here.


We couldn’t find a refrigerator that was under $100 with shipping so I asked Antz to use his magic and find something we could easily convert. He found the perfect cabinet the next day for $10. We bought a $7.99 set of cabinet handles from Ikea and he added some chalkboard paint and voila! A fridge for all her goodies. Tonight I’m going to add a faux window and curtain and we will let her open all the food/cooking sets tomorrow morning. I can not wait for her to see them in the morning!!

I thought it would be smart to add the tap light under the cabinets

Merry Christmas!